Book of the Week 10/7/09

Writer: Keith Giffen
Art: Matthew Clark and Livesay
Co feature – Metal Men
Writer: Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis
Art: Kevin Maguire
Cover: Matthew Clark
Publisher: DC

It was one of those rare weeks, where none of the books on my pull list shipped.

I know amazing, but it happens.

But there are a few series that have recently started that I am looking at and considering adding to my pull list. Batman & Robin, Magog, the JL mini Cry for Justice, and also my book of the week DOOM PATROL #3

This is the latest reboot for the team, the third or fourth in the past 5 years, and like all other things that are clicking in the DCU its the silver age team back together (with a little help from the recent “Crises” probably resetting things to current status quo).

DC had really run these guys through the ringer trying to make them fresh – First John Byrne had reintroduced them back in JLA as “new characters” meeting the DCU for the first time, but that cause all sorts of continuity issues with the Titans, Beast Boy in particular, and that team disappeared. Then an all new team appeared with Cliff Steele (a/k/a Robotman) but now the orignal team is back with all their history (apparently) intact. All our old friends are here, Rita, Cliff, Larry, Steve Traynor, and the Chief.

The team is joined by former Titan, Bumblebee. She is still only 8″ tall from the effects of Infinite Crisis and living in Barbie’s dream house. I’m sure Mal Duncan can’t be far.

This issue has the team facing off against a senscient black hole in Europe. Larry, Cliff, and Rita are in trouble and they will need some help from the Chief and Mento(Traynor) if they are going to survive. But first Steve is gong to risk revealing his betrayal of ex-wife, Rita. So it’s either save her (and the rest of the DP) and reveal what he has been doing (I’m not going to tell you) or let the team die!

I have enjoyed Matthew Clark’s work on this book a great deal. Clean dynic lines, not overrrendered at all. And the palette they have chosen is rich and life like, but still comic art.

The bonus of this book is the back up feature, the Metal Men. Brought to you by those geniuses who brought you the Justice League in the late 80’s. And also brought you “Formerly known as the Justice League” and the classic “I can’t believe it’s not the Justice League”

Keith Giffen and JM DeMatties keep the bwa ha has coming as everyone’s favorite team of Robots move to the suburbs. And Kevin Maguire still has a way with expression. You will believe a robot can feel… rediculous.

Doom Patrol gets an A, but Metal Men is an A+.

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