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I always intended this blog to feature more than comic book news & reviews. But there is only so much media one geek can consume ans report on.

So if you a geek for geek TV or film. And you want to blog about your favorite show. Let me know. In the meantime, I am going to try to do more starting with this…


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The Visitors returned to Earth on Tuesday 11/3 on ABC (8/7c). V, the series premeired after a long period of promotion. This is a “reimagining” of the 1983 miniseries starring Marc Singer ( of Beastmaster fame ), Faye Grant (from the Greastest American Hero) and former Miss New Hampshire,Jane Badler (did she do anything else?).

If you never saw the original, or you are too young to remember it clearly and you want to be surprised. Stop reading. I will be comparing the original to the new and that may mean spoilers, you have been warned.

The original miniseries played out in a long slow burn before revealing that the Visitors were not our friends. The Visitors, all beautiful, in their bright red jumpsuits and wrap around sunglasses, arriving in their huge saucers, gleaming white, are slowly revealed to be a hideous reptilian race here to rape our planet, steal our resources and turn the human race into cattle.

Intrepid journalist, Mike Donavon (Singer) stumbles on to the alien threat and their cold blooded nature, and begins to put together a resistance to save the planet from Diana and her alien armada.

In the new series the ships arrive just as dramatically. The whole world trembles at their arrive. The V’s (as they are quickly referred to as) are accepted much faster in this series (must be the Internet, they started a facebook group). Three weeks are skipped, to not have to explain the logic of the rapid rise of the Visitors. And we quickly see into the lives of cast, the priest who doubts that the V’s should be so quickly trusted. The FBI agent who much more interested in terrestrial terrorists then extra terrestrial visitors, and her neglected son. The pretty boy anchor who wants to be taken seriously as a journalist. The happy young couple, but one of whom is keeping a big secret. (I won’t spoiler that one.).

But we really don’t get to know them too well. The story hijacks the character development. It is very cinematic that way. It is an ambitious start. The original Nazi inspired Visitors, may have been a bit more dramatic but no less heavy handed than and The Visitors are as an allegory for the terrorist sleepers, the aliens among us in a post 9/11 world. They seek to subvert all aspects of our culture, to replace the objects of devotion.

The production values of this show are amazing. The cast is well I find the line “are their no ugly visitors” amusing since thisn cast is just this side of a a&f catalog. (with the exception of he goofy friend, who is there only to make the son of the FBI agent that more appealing.

The cast has several familiar faces to genre TV. Anna, the visitor leader is play by. Monera Baccarin, best remember as Inara Serra from Firefly. Also from Firefly Alan Tyduk (Wash) here is. From The 4400 and Taken is Joel Gretsch as the priest who is not as trusting as his superiors in Rome . And Laura Vandervoot as Visitor hottie, Lisa, formally Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl on Smallville.

ABC has only scheduled the first 4 episodes for 2009 before giving way to holiday progring and repeats. It’s a good start but if the ratings are not there, will it be back 2010?

Grade B

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