Exiled on… the Tube Highlights 11/12 – 11/18

What happened on TV this week…

Thursday on
– The British guy who played Steve on Coupling (BBC version) cheats at poker against he British guy who played Charlie on Lost. Oh and they caused they Black Out Steve wants to tell the world Charlie doesn’t and they played poker to decide who would get their way.

…The Office – The business may be going under… So Michael hosts a Murder Mystery party in the office. The new receptionist is cute tho.

…Sarah Jane Adventures – The Mona Lisa comes to life, and she is pissed! Kinda bummed that there hasn’t been a reference to classic Doctor Who story City of Death (yet) in this part 1 of 2

Friday on…
…Smallville –
Wonder Twin Powers! Activate! Did you catch Gleek’s cameo? And how long til we see Clark in glasses again?

…Stargate Universe – So, is the Destiny psychic? It just happend to bring them to a world the poison of an animal would cure the crew from a water born infection they got a million light years away? That the Crew didn’t even know they had. And they only way they could find out about is due to time distortion in the Stargate. Oh well makes more sense than Heroes lately

… Sarah Jane Adventures  – Nope, they never address “City of Death” THIS IS A FAKE (pt 2 of 2)

Sunday on…
…The Prisoner
(AMC) – I am not a number, I am a free man, and Jim Caviezel is not Patrick McGoohan.  – More on this tomorrow.

Doctor Who – The Waters of Mars flow… and the Doctor hates cute Robots… well cute dog robots, that’s different. – More on this in December.

Monday on…
…Heroes –
So wait Nathan Petrelli’s mind is in Sylar’s body. Sylar’s mind is in Matt Parkman’s body. Hiro’s mind is on Charlie. Who is minding the script?

…Big Bang Theory – Leonard, Howard, and Koothropalli all get baked on baked goods, and Sheldon cops a feel of Penny.

Tuesday on…
… V –
The Vees stage an assassination attempt to gain sympathy. Who wonders what Anna told that pilot’s wife? Anna’s a mom, who knew. Her daughter is hanging out in her underwear in Tyler’s room.

If I am missing a show you think  should mandatory Geek watching, let me know in the comments below.

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