Quickies from the Exile; The Return of the Chuck, and Blowing up the Death Star, there’s an app for that!

In CHUCK news, NBC has officially announced the series’ return date, a 2 hour premiere on SUNDAY 1/10/10 at 9pm (8pm c)!


It then returns to it’s Monday 8pm(7pm c) slot on 1/11/10! That’s right! 3 hours of Chuck in 2 nights!

CLICK HERE for a message from Chuck star Zack Levi,  AND PREVIEW OF THE NEW SEASON!

Never watched Chuck before?  go CHUCK HIM OUT

In other news –

Thanks to Geek Chic Daily for the heads about new iPhone game app – Star Wars: Trench Run.

I went straight to the app store and downloaded it (for $4.99) Blowing up TIE’s over the Death Star and then skimming the trench, and evading turbo lasers and Darth Vader.  And it’s all in my pocket anytime i want it!

Stay on Target!

Stay on Target!

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