Exiled on the Tube – The Prisoner (2009)

The Prisoner (2009 The Prisoner
6 episodes
Episode 1 – Arrival

The original Prisoner (1968) is one of my favorite shows. I would catch it on PBS, (I remember once all 17 episodes airing in their intended order overnights in one week.  I didn’t sleep at all that week)

This new series tries to capture the paranoid feeling of the original, but misses the point in the overblown production.  The story is essentially the same.  A man resigns a career in the intelligence field suddenly.  Before he can move on with his life, he finds himself taken to a secret, remote place know only to it’s inhabitants as The Village.  No one has a name in the Village, they are all known only by numbers.  The lower your number, the higher your status appears to be.  The Village is overseen by Number 2.

Jim Caviezel’s 6 is lacking the character conviction and purpose that Patrick MacGoohan’s had in the original.  The same can be said of the production as a whole.  It seeks to be complicated and engaging, which is not the same as being complicated and engaging.

Unlike another recent revival, Doctor Who, this new Prisoner does not (clearly) seem to indicate any direct connection to original.  It is more of a re-imagining like the recent Battlestar Galactica.  But where BSG succeeded, The Prisoner fails.  This new show fails to distinguish itself.   It does not improve upon the original, which should be the goal of remake.

If you have never seen it, do yourself the favor of checking it out.

The only good thing that can comes about from this new series, is the hope that someone might discover the original.  AMC is even helping, by make the entire original series available on their website  http://www.amctv.com

If you have never seen it, do yourself the favor of checking it out.

Be seeing you.

Grade C-

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