Exile on… The Read of the Week – 11/18/09

Flash: Rebirth #5 FLASH:Rebirth #5 (of 6)
Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Ethan Van Sciver
Cover:Ethan Van Sciver
Publisher: DC

Geoff Johns has single handedly started the Second Silver Age of Comics. First he brought back Green Lantern. After that he restored the Teen Titans to their highest popularity in years. Then he brought back the DC Multiverse. Now he has completed his work by succeeded in bringing back Barry Allen, the Flash.

The Flash Rebirth, is just latest in a string of hits penned by the Spike TV Best Comics Writer Scream Award. winner. Geoff and artist Scott Kollins run on Wally West’s Flash title has always been my favorite run of my favorite character. So as you might guess, I have been a little worried about what is going to happen to Wally after this series. Is there really room in the DCU for 3 full time Flashes?

If they are written like the are right now… Hell Yes! Luckily each Flash is so distinct and each brings something different to the superspeed world. Which is good, because the Scarlet Speedsters are going to need every bit of it they are going to beat Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash.

This is the penultimate chapter of the story, and there is always something I love about that part of the tale. It’s where all the pieces really begin to come together and the action rises to highest point. It is where Heroes are faced with the ultimate choice that shows why they are heroes, and this issue lives up to that. It always leaves you anxious and excited to the final chapter.

One of the best things Johns has done on all his titles is maintain a fans respect for what has come before, while not letting it get in the way of moving the story forward.

One of the highlights of this issue is the return of one legacy speedster and a new one taking up the mantle of another legacy.

While you can’t deny Ethan Van Sciver’s fantastic work, there is one thing I did not like, please tell me that is not Wally’s final costume! It is a variation of the DCAU Justice League Flash costume, and I ALWAYS hated that version of the Flash emblem (although I understood it, since it was easier to animate)

I hope when the New Flash book begins next year (with the Wally West second feature), that they fix it. I would love to see Wally begin to take on some of Jay’s costume, the helmet, etc.

I am also thinking once Barry is finally settled in, that he will be on the JLA with best bud, Hal. I would love for someone to have Wally step up to lead the Titans, with Roy (Red Arrow) Harper. The Titans’ franchises are a mess again (since Geoff left the book) And half of the classic team are now part of the JLA. So maybe Wally and Roy (who have both already had stints with the League) would welcome the chance to bring the Titans back and help with the next generation, After all they are already both fathers.

Grade – A

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