Exile on Comics – The Pull list 11/18/09

Don’t forget to check out the Read of the Week – FLASH REBIRTH #5

Now on to the Pull List

Adventure Comics #4 – BLACKEST NIGHT TIE IN!
Lead Story: Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates
Art: Jerry Ordway & Bob Wiecek
Back up feature – Legion of Superheroes
Story: Geoff Johns and Michael Shoemaker
Art: Clayton Henry
Blackest Night goes Meta. Superboy-Prime reads the latest (and the very same)issue of Adventure Comics and discovers he is about to be attacked by Black Lantern Alexander Luthor. So what does he do? Does he review all recent Blackest Night issues to see how to beat them? Does he try to contact the writer or editors at DC to see how his story is scripted to end in next months part 2? No. He goes to a comic shop and checks the Internet for spoilers. How fanboy! Oh and there is a Legion Story.
– Grade B

The Outsiders #24 – BLACKEST NIGHT TIE IN!
Story: Peter Tomasi
Art: Fernando Pasarin & Scott Hanna & Prentis Rollins
BL Terra shows up asking Geoforce’s (her half brother) help, Katana has a run in with the Black Lantern versions of her deceased family. Part 1 of 2 (like all BL tie ins)
– Grade B

The Brave and the Bold #29
Story: J. Michael Straczynski
Art: Jesus Saiz
JMS continues to find the most interesting pairing in the DCU. I am hoping this leads to more Brother Power appearences! GEEK POWER! – Grade B+

Justice Society of America 80 page Giant #1
Story:Zander Cannon, Kevin Grevioux, Felicia D. Henderson, Jen Van Meter, Jerry Ordway, James Robinson and Matthew Sturges
Art:Roberto Castro and John Floyd, Neil Edwards and Wayne Faucher, Renato Guedes and José Wilson Magalhães, Jesus Merino, Jerry Ordway, Freddie Williams II and others
So much talent, so little product. A big let down, especially considering the exposure these characters are getting (Two JSA ongoings, and the recent JSA vs. Kobra mini, and the new Power Girl and Magog ongoings) The narrative was confusing and fractured and the art was very inconsistent. Things like this make me worry for the JSA – Grade C

Farscape #1
Boom Studios
Story:Rockne S. O’Bannon, Keith DeCandido
Art: Will Sliney
FINALLY! THERE IS A FRELLING FARSCAPE ONGOING! Spinning directly out of the preceding Post Peacekeeper wars minis. Very glad to see Rockne is on board with the writing of this book. But it makes me worried about any possible TV or film prospects for the series. Is Rockne using the webisode stories here because they have been stalled for so long? Will is pretty decent artist, his Chiana and Aeryn are very good. – Grade B+

Random Pickups of the Week

Dr. Horrible
Dark Horse Comics
Story: Zack Whedon
Art: Joelle Jones
Confession time. I have not seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing along Blog. I know, bad geek. To be honest, I have never been overwhelmed by anything from the “Whedonverse”. I am not saying I haven’t enjoyed his work, I have. I am just not as obsessive over it as other have been. That said, this comic, penned by Josh’s brother, is a fun origin story for Dr. H and I was not hampered by my limited knowledge and quickly figured out the who’s and why’s – Grade A-

Transformers #1
Story: Mike Costa
Art: Don Figueroa
Another series of miniseries begins as a regular monthly. There have been many versions of the Robots who are more than meet the eye of late, and this series seems to be a distillation of the original 80’s toon and comics. I have not been following the later versions (Pretty much any version of these Transformers since 1988, I was a fan of the Beast Wars toon tho) No problem picking right up and knowing what was going on. This issue has the death of one classic Autobot (who I think they also killed off in the Transformer movie in 86) – Grade B+

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