Exile’s Read of the Week – 12/23/09


Green Lantern #49

Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Ed Benes and Jerry Ordway
Cover: Ed Benes
Alternative Cover:Rudolpho Migliari
Publisher: DC

“Only the dead men have seen the end of war” – Plato

It’s with this quote that Johns begins the tale of John Stewart’s Blackest Night.

Death surrounds Green Lanterns, but few have been touched by it as much as John. Which is why it has surprised me how little we have seen of him of late. It was all the way back in GL #44 when the Planet Xanshi was recreated as a Black Lantern world before John Stewart’s eyes. Then when the honored dead of the Corps rose in Green Lantern Corps, his late wife, Katma Tui was among those featured (4 months ago in GLC #40) I was certain that we would be seeing their reunion soon. Here it is, and, well it not exactly what I expected. and that is good.

It is interesting how Xanshi as a whole seems to be one Black Lantern, the world, and all it’s people. I am curious how Driq came to be on Xanshi, a Black Lantern,but also still a Green Lantern? Don’t remember Driq? He was Green Lantern who knew John and Katma who died in the line of duty, but somehow, due to a flaw in his ring, was kept animated. He was dead, his body breaking down, but his conscienceness was still in his dead body. Both he and his battery have turned up on Xanshi somehow. It appears that it is this presence that is making Xanshi’s case special.

John’s character has been defined by tragedy. The loss of his wife, fellow Green Lantern, Katma Tui, Xanshi, then the loss of the first Corps, and then as a Darkstar, John lost the use of his legs.  John Stewart may well just be the Job of the DCU.   Up to this poiny John had been sadly absent from most of Blackest Night. After becoming DC’s prominent GL thanks to the recent Justice League animated series, Stewart has faded to the background as DC has pushed forward with their new “Silver Age”. I am glad to see him featured here.

The issue ends with John rejoining the living at Earth, and hopefully this will be picked up in next week’s Blackest Night #6 forthwith, and we won’t have to wait another 3 months to find out what happens to John.

Also, this issue includes a “Tales of the Black Lantern’ feature, with the late Jean Lorning/Eclipso telling her exhusband, the Atom, Ray Palmer,  and Mera, Queen of Atlantis the back story of Nekron.  It is a short tale, but  gives some important backstory in a entertaining way.  With a nice bit of foreshadowing.

I do wonder how Ray’s mask stays on his face the way it has been torn tho. Must have something to do with white dwarf energy.   Or maybe spirit gum?

– Grade A-

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