Exile’s Pulllist – The Week of 3/10/10

I’m back, read where I have been here. Read Exile’s Read of the Week Batman & Robin #10

Justice League:Rise and Fall #1

Story: J.T. Krul
Art: Mike Mayhew, Digenes Neves and Fabrizio Fiorentino
Dan Dido, DC’s publish has said often that in 2010, Green Arrow would be the character to watch. Well, clearly between Cry for Justice, and this one shot, Green Arrow has a lot of big things going on. Just not good things. Main Roy Harper, aka Red Arrow, aka Arsenal, aka Speedy, then kill that Roy’s 5 year old daughter, Lian, as part of the 100,000 person death toll that occurred when Prometheus causes a earthquake in Star City. Yeah, Green Arrow is gonna have a helluva year.
That said, Krul is really becoming a great storyteller, – I may be picking up GA again in 2010.
Grade B+

Batman The Widening Gyre #5

Story: Kevin Smith
Art: Walter Flanagan and Art Thibert
With one issue left in the Widening Gyre, I am sure everyone is wondering the same thing. How long a delay will there be on the last issue? Ha.
This story has been a great character piece, Kevin Smith has a clear sense of who his characters are, even if they only have a passing resemblance to the way all other DC writers see the characters. I don’t mean that as a knock. They are just different. The art has been nothing short of sublime (what a great cover this book had!) And I loved the homage to Julie Newmar.
Grade B

Secret Six #19

Story: Gail Simone
Art: J. Calafiore
Blackest Night got me re-interested in the Six. I’m still not 100% sold on them yet. The addition of Black Alice does stir the pot in a curious way tho. I have been thinking, the Shade might be a curious addition to this book, given his status, and there is some material there between him and Ragdoll.
Grade B+

Day Tripper #4

Story: Fabio Moon
Art: Gabriel Ba
Another day, another trip.
We get another day in the possible life, This has been a trip, and I am sure someone out there could tell
me what the heck is going on, as we have seen a man on four important days in his life, only to see him die each time. maybe that is the metaphor. Each day is a new life. I like that.
Grade B+


Farscape: D’Argo’s Quest #4

Boom Studios
Story: Keith R.A. Decandido
Art: Cleveland Caleb
Grade A-
I really have been enjoying the Farscape books (so much so, I went out and dropped 130 bucks on the new DVD’s – even though I already had the ADV versions)
As D’Argo’s Quest comes to the end, I have only 1 thought. MORE RAXIL! MORE OF RAXIL AND D’ARGO!
(as a side note, it would be interesting to see if you could do a story with Raxil, Warminister Akna, and M’Lee the bone eating creature from the end of Season 1 (All characters played by Francesca Buller aka Mrs. Ben Browder)

Random Pick Up of the Week

DMZ #51

Story:Brian Wood
Art: Riccardo Burchielli

I’m going to be honest. I was thinking I was picking up Demo. I just wasn’t paying attention. that said, this was an interesting read. I’ve been watching a lot of history channel lately. They have been doing a lot of end of times stuff and that is what I was thinking about while reading this story of a abandoned NYC. I have really enjoyed DEMO, but I have seen this story before. I don’t think I will be headed back to the DMZ.
Grade B

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