Exile’s Read of the Week – 3/31/10 – Blackest Night #8


Publisher: DC

I thought long and hard about what the RotW was going to be this week but anyone who is following the DCU knows there really isn’t any other choice than Blackest Night #8.

The build up to this moment could have led to an enormous let down, as has happened to many recent “event” stories (Final Crisis, Civil War I’m looking in your direction). but Geoff Johns shows why he is DC’s go to guy. When I finished reading this issue I admit I first tweeted (@getexiled if you want to follow) that of all the rebirths Johns has overseen in the past five years, this was his biggest, the DC Silver Age. In hindsight I may have misspoke. Geoff Johns, like myself is a child of the 70/80’s. What Geoff really has done between Infinite Crisis, Blackest Night and his vast and prolific monthly output is brought the DCU back into the where the original Crisis should have brought us in 1985.

Let’s not overlook Ivan Ries’ contribution to this book. Every page bursting. The explosion of light, color and shadows is richly textured. The book’s 4 page double gatefold centerfold is sure to make any hard core DC fan drool with anticpation of the Brightest Day ahead.

– Grade A

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