Exile’s Pullist – Week of 3/31/10

The dawn has finally come to my Read of the Week Blackest Night #8 but here is a quick look at what else happened this past week in comics.


Story:Bill Willingham
Art: Jesus Merino and Jesse Delperdang
The Justice Society have been fighting Nazis since World War II. 65 years later and it seems like the war never ended for the JSA, 2010 saw the Fourth Reich rise, and used one of Society’s own against them and all the world.  20 years from now, The surviving heroes, all depowered by the Reich’s Darkness Engine are held in a concentration camp, with MIchael Holt, AKA Mr. Terrific recounting the tale of how the JSA finally lost the last Great War.  But all as not lost, as we discover that the band of men have a plan to put things right.  Whatever their plan is though certain means some of them will die, but if it succeeds, this new 1000 year Reich will never has existed, and their sacrifice will have guaranteed their own survival.

Grade A-


Story: James Robinson
Art: Mark Bagley and Rob Hunter
The League continues to Rise and Fall.  Green Arrow is still hunting the Electrocutioner for his role in the devastation to Star City.  The League is hunting still hunting Prometheus (it seems this issue takes place co-currently with both Green Arrow #31 and The Rise of Arsenal #1) But when the League finds out what Ollie has done…  Is it more than they can take?  Will Ollie take the League down with him?  And what are these New God types up to?  Will the leaner, meaner JLA be able to handle them?

Grade B


Story: James Robinson and Sterling Gates
Art: Eduardo Pansica, Eber Ferreira, Travis Moore, and Julio Ferriera
Story: Eric Trautmann
Art:Pier Gallo
This is one of those issues of a book that is part of a bigger story.  The Last Stand of New Krypton.  As it turns out, it must be the one story in the DC that I am not really interested in right now.  So I will be honest, a lot of this story went past me.   I have been waiting for this book to become the Legion and or Superboy’s title.  But with Geoff Johns departure from the book, and the apparent decision to re launch the Legion in their own book makes me wonder what this book’s  long term role in the DCU will be. Adventure, like Action and Detective deserves to be one of the showcase titles of the DCU.  I think it would be a great place to focus on characters that don’t get to shine as much.  With the recent return of Aquaman, is a possible return to the title he headlined in for years be in works?  Or how about teams like the Challengers of the Unknown (no purple jumpsuits, please?) or the Spectre and Dr. Fate?
Grade B-


Story: Greg Rucka
Art: Jock and Scott Kollins
Second Feature – THE QUESTION
Story: Greg Rucka
Art: Cully Hamner

It looks as though Batwoman’s time in this book is nearing a close.  Rucka has announced that he has turned in his last script for DC for the “foreseeable future”.  It’s a shame.  I have not been so excited about this title in, well ever.  This move also means that expected Batwoman book that  has been in the works for years will not come to pass.  Ah well.  While I fully expect this book to be firmly rooted in the Bat-family, I hope that maybe we can see a wider range of second features…  The Martian Manhunter springs to mind, and maybe a spot for Ralph Dibney, Ghost Detective? Just a thought.  But if this goes back to an all Batman book, I think I may take a break from it for a while.  DC please keep the second feature in this book, and Action and Adventure .

Grade B+
Second Feature Grade B


Story: Matt Sturges and Bill Willingham
Art: Tony Akins, Jim Gernm Andrew Pepoy, and Joe Rubinstein

I have really enjoyed this book’s recent risk taking, a new protagonist, and it’s willingness to risk changing the story telling type, and to jump from genre to genre.  This recent Flash Gordan/John Carter of Mars story has me loving it.  Stay in this world a while longer Jack, please?    I know I am older than some other comic fans, but I don’t ever recall reading the original Flash Gordan or Buck Rogers comic strips, but this is how I picture them.   I haven’t kept up with the latest version of these character (I know there is a Buck Rogers book, and I have to imagine someone has the rights to Flash Gordan)  but they creators of those books really need to take a look at this recent arc.

Grade A-



Story: Paul Dini
Art: Andres Guinaldo and Raul Fernandez

Who doesn’t like a bad girl.  Especially a bad girl in tight clothes.  And this book has 3.  3 very sexy, very bad girls.  Hmmm  maybe this is saying more about me than it is about this book.  Well be that as it may, things for Pam, Harley and Selina have gotten interesting of late, and the recent addition to the Riddler to the mix, and Mr. Nigma’s own moral dilemma rising can only mean some more excitement for the Sirens of Gotham.

Grade B+

Random Pick Up of the Week


Story: Gail Simone
Art: Nicola Scott and Fernando Dagnino

I have been spot picking this book up for a while.  The recent appearance of Power Girl got my attention.  And now the Green Lantern Corps makes a surprise visit to the Amazon.  Now these are new faces to the Corps.  Gail has created an interesting pair of ring slingers to add to the ranks of the Green.  And the threat that they find, and follow to Earth seems to have a closer connection to Diana than could ever seem possible?  Will the combined might of the Amazon Princess and the Green Lanterns be enough to save the world? (I am willing to bet so, but it should be interesting to see how the identity to those behind this attack on Earth plays out in Diana’s life.

Grade B

There ya have it,  now get ye to your Local Comic Shop.

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