Exile’s Read of the Week 4/21/10 – Green Lantern #53


Publisher: DC

After taking over a year to tell a massive, universe spanning, company wide cross-over, when you include the preludes, and lead ups, it would be logical to expect that the Green Lantern titles would scale back, and tell a stand alone story or two, maybe a quiet focus on the aftermath of Blackest Night for Hal, John, Guy and Kyle.

Well Green Lantern #53 may seem to start that way, but what we actually get turns out more like a set up for the next big thing. The next big, BRIGHT, thing.

Yes, this is a (first of many. I’m sure) Brightest Day bannered issue. There are of course, major ramifications of the Blackest Night to deal with. There are 7 corps out there now, and they do not get a long. What will be the objective of these corps. I am most concerned with what is going to be happening with the Red and Yellow ring slingers. Sinstero, for all his evil and pompous ego seemes to value order more than anything else, and using fear to induce it. His eponymous corps, having served what seemed to be it’s ulitimate purpose to be to get the Green Lantern Corps to be a much more proactive force for order, in preparation of the Blackest Night now only exists to sow the seeds of fear. Will he be able to control them? Does he even want to? Or can we expect more infighting and loose cannons among them?

The Red Lanterns, however are a force to be reckoned with. Atroticus still wants revenge on the Guardians for the events in sector 666. What will he do next? And why is he meeting with Guy Gardner and Ganthet the Blue Lantern Guardian?

Lafreeze seems fascinated with Earth Culture, and appears to be sticking around, and hanging with Lex Luthor. Luthor seems to be trying to access the Black Lantern power.

Meanwhile, Hal and Carol Ferris are having a drink and playing catch up. Flying jets together.
Each one has it’s own entity too. We check in with 6 of the 7 in this issue (The Indigo Tribe has, for now withdrawn it seems)

Then, there is the White Lantern. It does seem that something will have to be done with that.

It seems however, that unlike the Blackest Night bannered issues before it, that this story arc will not require the bi-weekly purchase of the Brightest Day maxi series. But it does appear that there is a new Green Lantern Series (on going???) coming out called Green Lantern Emerald Warriors. I guess Guy is putting together his own little SWAT team. And what ever it is he will be doing, Hal is not going to like it.

– Grade A

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