Exile’s Read of the Week – 4/28/10 – Gotham City Sirens


Story: Paul Dini
Art: Andres Guinaldo, Paul Fernandez
Cover: Guillem March

Can I just start by saying this book always has the sexist covers. Guillem March is the DC bad girl artist.

That being said – the art team of Andres Guinaldo and Paul Fernandez do a great job with the interiors too.

I had my doubts when this book started, from the title on down, but I didn’t have doubts about Paul Dini, and his ability to write for these characters that he clearly has such affection for.

When writing a book that stars “villains”, it’s the writer’s job to make you care about them, without turning them into “heroes”. Not an easy feat, eventually it seems, that when ever a bad guy gets a book, they become caught up in events that make it necessary for them to play good cop. Deathstroke practically became a Titan during his book. Catwoman has always walked a line, between the worlds of good and evil (she was, very briefly, a member of the Justice League and was Outsider for just about as long, remember?) but at heart, her character has always been about what she wants, sometimes she wants justice for those who can’t get it for themselves. Sometimes she wants the pretty jewels. I never read Harley’s solo title, so I can’t say for sure how it went there, but her character has always been portrayed somewhere between genius and little girl, never with criminal intent, just a little “bent”, psychologically speaking. Harley is damaged. It’s just her deceptively attractive appearance and child like mentality that makes her such a sympathetic character. We all want to save Harley from herself.

Of course why has Catwoman opened her home to these two? Could it be her mothering instincts kicking in? She gave up her daughter, Helena, to protect her from the crazy world she lives in, with capes, whips, and acid spitting flowers. Could Selina be projecting some of her daughter on Harley? Ivy?

This issue continues the attempt of the Sirens to blend into the world around them. Poison Ivy has a gotten herself a job at STAR labs, (using her “charms”). Harley has gotten herself motivated to find out what is happening to the neighborhood pets which have been disappearing at an alarming rate. Selina just wants to stay off everyone’s radar for a while, but since this will get Harley off of Twitter for a while, she decides to help (It’s probably a good idea to not let Harley out on her own for too long anyway.)

Ivy, meanwhile, is starting her first day with Star Labs, under an assumed identity, but her own characteristics. Using the knowledge she learned by reading Lex Luthor’s book about the business world, she promptly fires several people to establish her dominance, of course she never considered the fact that they would go postal on her and try to take revenge…

Like I said at the beginning, this is a book that I have great trepidation about. In lesser hands, it could be pandering, or a disservice to the characters. So far Dini and co have kept things on course. The long term prospects of this title are intriguing. For now, I am answering the Sirens call.

Things I’d like/expect to see – crossing paths with both the Secret Six and the Birds of Prey. (perhaps a 3 title cross over? hmmmm?)

Grade A

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