Exile’s Read of the Week – 5/12/10 – ADVENTURE COMICS #11


Co-feature Story:STERLING GATES
Co-feature Art: TRAVIS MOORE
Publisher: DC





Call him what ever you want. This character has had a career as a replacement Superman. Both in the present, and in the future with the Legion. The problem with creating a replacement Superman is he can’t really be more interesting that Superman. It doesn’t really matter. He has almost as many backstories as names. That has always kept the Daxamite hero a bit of a head scratcher for those of us who were not deep in the Legion fandom.

Let me start by saying, as a concept I have always loved the Legion. Teens from across space with superpowers in the 31st Century? This is a no brainer. It combines Science Fiction with Super Hero fantasy, and mixes the best thing about the Justice League and the Teen Titans. 25 years ago, the Legion was one of DC’s best selling titles. So what happened? Well that could take a lot of time to cover. I blame Crisis and the Byrne Superman Reboot. Not that I think those were bad things (I don’t, love both stories) I just think the changes made to DC’s history really weakened its future, and the Legion. But, luckily coming out of 2008’s Final Crisis, The Legion appears to be what it used to be, no small part to the (big surprise here) Geoff Johns, Legion arc in the Superman books, and the Final Crisis tie he wrote, Legion of 3 Worlds. Since then I have become interested in the Legion again. And with the return of Adventure Comics I have been able to reintroduce myself to the team. (Can anyone recommend some good collected additions?)

Anyway where was I. Lar Valor-M’onel Gand. This issue wraps up Lar’s 21st Century adventures it seems, as well as the Legion’s 21st century mission fulfiling the Last Will and Testement of RJ Brande. it is a modified story of what happened in Invasion (wow was that really that long ago?) except this time it’s Brainiac’s bottled cities that help form the worlds destined to give the Legion many of it’s members not the Dominators capitives. I especially liked the story behind the Titanians and the appearence of Jemm, Son of Saturn.

I have to admit I was kinda surprised by the revelation that this was Lar’s final mission before his 1000 year phantom zone trip. I had been under the impression that the Lar Gand wearing the S shield had already been with Legion. Maybe he has? I haven’t been following the Superman books (except Adventure) too closely. Is this a time loop story? ah who cares. he gets a good send off.

Meanwhile Sterling Gates has the duty of telling what happened to Brainiac (the original) at the hands of 31st Century decendent, with a little help from another Brainiac, Quel Dox. Ah family reunions.

As the execution of RJ Brand’s will comes to a close, and the Legion packs up and heads to the future just in time for the start of their new series, what does this mean for the future of Adventure Comics? I do know that it will officially resume it’s series 1 numbering soon, and it will be sporting an Atom co-feature. But will the lead stay Legion- centric? What has happened to Thom “Danny Blaine” Kallor? Has he also returned to the future? Is he staying with the JSA? Has the time come for him to pick up Jack Knight in 1952? Perhaps this will be the book to tell us about his adventures. Or will there be a Superman lead? I guess I could always just look at the advance solicitations, but where’s the fun in that? Spoilers!

No one should know too much about the future.

– Grade A

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