Exile’s Read of the Week – The Mystery Society #1



“Origin stories are boring.”

That’s what Mystery Society founder Nicholas Hammond tells a crowd of reporters clamoring for news as he is on his way to jail for everything from trespassing, to kidnapping and even murder.

Nick Hammond is one part Rock Star, one part Extreme Sports junkie, and one part Fox Mulder, his partner and wife Anastasia is his match in every way. The Mystery Society is their team, which apparently looks for the answers that powerful people don’t want us to know. Area 51? What really happened at Roswell? Tunguska? Who killed JFK? What is the secret recipe to KFC? This modern day “Nick and Nora Charles” (The Thin Man, go read it) dig up all the skeletons (quite literally it seems).

They have the money, and the drive to devote their lives to pursuing the unknown, and the attitude to do it with style. And they have the right team behind them to back them up. Of course, I mean both in the book, and the team behind the book. The Mystery Society is created by horror master Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Ashley Wood (Popbot) and the book is drawn in a moody saturated style by Fiona Staples (North 40, Ex Machina, DV8)

If I have only one complaint about this book, it’s that this a 5 issue miniseries. While after one issue it might be too early to tell, but the only mystery I can’t see them solving is why they don’t have an ongoing planned.
Welcome to the Mystery Society.
– Grade A

Other books I liked this week

Power Girl #12 (DC) Palmotti, Gray, Conner – Has there only been 12 issues so far? Can this be a bi-weekly book? This issue is great look back at the year PeeGee had, with lots of familiar faces turning up.

Green Lantern Corps #48 (DC) – Beredard, Syaf, Cifulentes – So the Corps has a new recruit, he’s short, he’s old, and he’s blue. Ganthet puts on the green ring. John Stewart also shows up to help out, since Hal can handle sector 2814 by himself.

Doctor Who #11 (IDW) – Lee, Shedd – The Advocate reveals herself and her plan to discredit the Doctor. Will she save the world so the Doctor can’t? Will he stop her from saving the world before he can?

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  1. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll have to check out the Mystery Society!

    I’m a couple of weeks behind on books, and I only collect a few! Maybe it’s not a good Idea to add more!

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