The best of the Geektube this week… All in favor of giant ears?

This week saw the return of two big genre TV series, and set up a showdown for viewers on the night fewer people watch TV on than any other.

And I don’t really watch either one of them.  So I don’t really care.

That’s right, I am not a regular viewer of either FRINGE or SUPERNATURAL. I am a bad geek.

Now please don’t take that as a rebuke of either show.  When I have on occasion caught them, I have enjoyed them.  Fringe needs a little more attention paid to it, because clearly there is a dense mythology, and I give major props to a show that creates alternative versions of classic DC covers.  I just wasn’t drawn into either show.  (And I stopped watching LOST after the first season)

How ever the best show this week was, hands down, COMMUNITY, this week’s episode “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” was another feather in Dan Harmon’s and the entire cast and crew of the show.  This show just keeps bringing the funny.  In fact, if you are not watching this show, I will tell you right now, you’re an idiot.  Yeah I know, Big Bang Theory is on at the same time, and it’s another funny show.  In fact it’s in in my top five, but Community is number one.   It’s funny, because both shows did paintball episodes, but I guarantee you that the Big Bang one pales in comparison.   This week  the study group takes on table top gaming, in a way that can only be done at Greendale Community College, as you can see by Chang, the Dark Elf.

Chang the Dark Elf, Community

Other highlights include CHUCK, in what was clearly intended to be a “happy ending” to the series (This was the 13thand last episode of the original season order, before NBC wisely ordered a whopping 11 more episodes),  This episode saw the Big Bad vanquished, family reunited, Baby Awesome delivered, and finally, a marriage proposal.  Oh yeah, a JEFFSTER performance that has to been seen to be believed.

In fact, here:

This week’s BIG BANG THEORY was highlighted by an intentionally(?) bad Bollywood number, and some classic Penny/Sheldon interaction.  Just wondering, did anyone else notice that Raj can now speak to and around Bernadette?  I wasn’t sure at first it was only in Raj’s fantasy, but the scene in the Cheesecake Factory where she says he’s cute is clearly real.  I mean Raj can’t even talk to Penny without alcohol yet.  Hmmmm….

Along with Supernatural, SMALLVILLE also returned this week.  This is a show that can be hit or miss,  I am not always thrilled with the way they play hard and fast with DCU characters.  Micheal Shanks Hawkman and Stargirl are great (It’s a shame we probably won’t see Hawkman again). So was the Legion Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter are pretty good.  Aquaman finally has become interesting. (Although it may be Mera that makes that so.  The Suicide Squad is kinda blah.  (Deadshot being particularly bad, nothing like the real Floyd Lawton).  It’s Black Canary tho, that has been butchered, and Deathstroke is pretty much horrible too.  Of course we haven’t seen Impulse or Cyborg in a while.

This episode as a whole, was pretty average.  To be honest, it’s just the Booster Gold/Blue Beetle episode that I am hanging in for.  I don’t even care if we see Clark in the suit anymore.

What else?   V sees Anna  take on the Catholic church.  I really haven’t figured out what the Visitors (Why do they refer to themselves as V’s?) are waiting for?  What is it they really want that they have to go to such subterfuge?   Clearly they are so far advanced that they could just take what they want.   I also miss the red uniforms and the Nazi analogies.

WHITE COLLAR may not seem like a “Geek” show to you but it’s fun and the character of Mozzie alone makes this show must see.  So hope over to Hulu and catch up on it.

I finally checked out the SyFy version of  BEING HUMAN.  Not too bad.  There is a definite “yankee” vibe.  And things seem to move much slower than in the UK series.  I am guessing that is to help pad out the story as Syfy will probably want more than 6 episodes a year.  Which is funny, because all the key storylines are there and some scenes had very little difference.  There was the addition of a sister for Josh (rhe Werewolf) and the gore is bit more in your face, it is a superior adaptation than say, Life on Mars or Coupling.  Given time, it could become a good show on it’s own as it finds it’s own voice.

Meanwhile, in Palm City THE CAPE continues his one man war against the evil Chess.  This time however the hero must save the villain from Dice, a psychopath with an uncanny ability to predict the future. The Cape has so much potential, but sometimes it struggles to escape the gravity of it’s own melodrama.  It’s not always fun, and superheroes should be.


Ok, That’s what I watched this week. how about you?


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