Knock Knock, Who’s back!

BBC America announced this week via Entertainment Weekly that 6th series of Doctor Who (the second starring Matthew Smith as the 11th Doctor) will begin airing on the basic cable network on Saturday, 23 April. This news is made even more fantastic in that it is, like this year’s Christmas special, the US airings will air pretty quickly (perhaps within hours) of the UK airings on BBC1!

I have to imagine that it is an attempt to limit the illegal torrenting of episodes, and improve ratings by giving the US fans the episodes faster than most people will be able to download it.

Some of the things we have to look forward to? More River Song (and perhaps we’ll find out a bit more about her) and of course we have an episode penned by Neil Gaiman (A story which was once called “The House of Nothing”). But of course the big story is the opening two-parter written by show runner Steven Moffet (Sherlock, Coupling), which will also be the first episodes of Doctor Who to have actually shot principle photography in the United States!

It has also just been announced that James Cordon will be returning as Craig Owens from the series 5 episode, “The Lodger”. No mention however if his girl friend Sophie (played so well by the fetching Daisy Haggard) will also be back.  (On that note, did anyone else watch Episodes on Showtime?  They totally wasted her on that show.)

The other interesting news is the splitting of the season into two parts, with the first seven episodes airing in the Spring, with a cliffhanger ending before returning in the autumn. And will we finally find out what will happen when the Silence falls?

So, what other questions are there for this season.  Is Rory still an Auton?   I got the impress that the events of “The Big Bang” retconned him back into a human.  But I am not sure.   I also wonder if there’s any chance of a return of Dr. Malcom Taylor?

Conventional wisdom says that this might the first season since the 2005 to NOT see the Daleks. But if the Doctor’s greatest foes do not appear, which (of any) of the Doctor’s foes will return? Or will this be a season of ALL NEW challenges for our favorite Time Lord? Is there a classic WHO monster that you would like to see return? Or maybe an old friend? Talk about it in the comments below.

Trust your Doctor

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  1. I am very excited about this!!! I just adore River Song, and i love the awkwardness between her and the Doctor. well, she’s not awkward, but he’s all out of sorts, and it’s adorable. A season without Daleks? whaattt???

    • The Daleks need a rest. Did you know that in the 7 seasons Tom Baker had the role of the Doctor, he only encountered the Daleks 2 times? Each of the Doctors after him only ran into the Daleks once on screen. Heck, even the only Dalek to appear in “The Five Doctors” only appeared with the First Doctor.

      I do think that the Doctor will be less awkward around River this time.

  2. This just in – Daisy Haggard is back too! Thanks to the Doctor Who Info Blog for the pics –


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