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Colin Baker, the 6th Doctor has begun tweeting.  You can find his pithy 140 character musings here, @SawbonesHex.

This also just in:

Big Finish has officially announced that Tom Baker will be recording original audio adventures for the company.  This news has been expected for some time, as Tom himself reported on his website that he was “enthusiastic” to work with Big Finish  He added, wryly, “In my twilight years, I am looking forward to a tremendous Big Finish and the sooner the better.”

This is thrilling news to fans of the 4th Doctor and the Big Finish range.  The actual stories won’t be released until sometime in 2012.  He will be appearing along side former companions Leela (Louise Jameson) and the first incarnation of Romana (Mary Tamm)  along with some familiar monstrous faces.

For those not familiar with the Big Finish Doctor Who range, they are  audio adventures in Time and Space.  Full cast dramas with almost every companion returning along side their Doctor.  (To date, only Matthew Waterhouse  has not appeared, although Adric has.)  They also have given each Doctor at least one new companion as well.  Nick Briggs (who voices the Daleks and the Cybermen on the new series) is the executive producer, and many of the writers of the new series have contributed to the Big Finish audio episodes as well.  Two Audios  where also used as the basis of two new series television episodes.  The 9th Doctor’s Dalek was adapted from the 6th Doctor’s story Jubilee.  And  parts of  Age of Steel/Rise of the Cybermen were inspired by the the 5th Doctor story Spare Parts.

This is something I have been waiting for for quite some time.  I have always enjoyed the Big Finish range, and was always disappointed that Tom Baker had not joined the other Doctors in audio form.  I do find myself wondering, with Leela and Romana being the companions, will K-9 be in any of the stories?  Will the Romana stories be post-Key to Time, pre Destiny of the Daleks?  Will Tom do any multi-Doctor stories? (A 4/8 story could be most interesting.) I am sure that the Tom Baker range will be like the Paul McGann episodes, and not in Main Range of audios (of which there are nearly 150 already since 1999).

With this, all 8 classic Doctors have appeared in Big Finish.  Doctors 1&2 are portrayed in the third person by former Companions and Doctor 3 appeared posthumously, by using unreleased dialogue from a fan made Doctor Who movie which Jon Pertwee was appearing in  at the time of his passing in 1996.    If you are a fan of Classic Doctor Who, or  audio drama you should check out the Big Finish Doctor Who plays.

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