Exile’s Read of the Week 3/16/11


Story: Geoff Johns and Peter J.Tomasi
Art: Scott Clark, Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Cover: Gary Franks & Nathan Eyring
Alternate Cover: Ivan Reis & Rod Reis
Publisher: DC

A $2.99 Comic

Six months ago, after the dust had cleared and the dead had risen in Blackest Night #8. I had high hopes for DC and Geoff Johns follow up book, Brightest Day.

Six months later, and I feel like I did after every Pierce Brosnan James Bond movie. Not bad, entertaining, but hey, it’s not Sean Connery.

So has it been for me with Brightest Day. I really wanted this book to be the one I got excited for every time I went to my LCS but as my regular readers know Justice League Generation Lost has proven to be more fun. Maybe it’s just Event story burn out. Or Lantern burnout.

I guess that makes this issue Casino Royale.

Maybe it’s because nearing the end but the storytelling is more focused here than it’s been in a while. And it’s great to finally see Firestorm back on track, and effective. Ronnie and Jason may end up becoming the best Firestorm Matrix yet. Of course there is a price to this that long time fans will not like, but it is a touching farewell to an old friend.

Scott Clark and Ivan Reis have been money on this book when it comes to Firestorm. I particularly liked the 2 page spread of the Anti-Monitor surrounded by the Black Lanterns. The book is dark, but not over saturated. The balance of shadow and light artistically is a great metaphor for where the story is. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

So with 2 issues left before the sun sets on the Brightest Day and the final showdown for the fate of the Earth and where do things stand for the Risen? Well it seems most of them have accomplished the task the White Lantern had for them and things didn’t really go so well for then after that. What can we expect in the final 2 chapters? Who will be the hero to rise again and wield the power of the White light? I’m ready to find out.

But hey after that how about we take a break from this major event to major event sales push and we just tell good stories (that come out on a regular schedule)?

Grade B+

Oh this week I also liked…

Power Girl #22

Story: Judd Winick
Art: Sami Basri

Superman! Dinosaurs! This what fun comics should be! Now that Brightest Day and Generation Lost are over (at least they are for Power Girl, apparently.) PG is going to start focusing on her often forgotten and much maligned secret identity. Karen Starr. Supes seems a bit pessimistic to the idea. He must have seen that great fan film POWER GIRL the CLASSIFIEDS. Haven’t seen it? Here’s the link. Check it out.

Grade B+


Story: David Hine
Art: Guillem March

Believe it or not, I am not a HUGE Batman reader. The only Bat-book I really enjoy lately is Batman & Robin, because even though the people in the costume are different, it is at core, what Batman really is. I have been occasionally checking the other books with mixed success, but this issue (the first of a 3 part x-over with Red Robin) jumped out at me. I have always been a fan of Hine’s work and Guillem March’s pencils are fantastic as always.

Grade B+

Doctor Who #2

IDW Publishing
Story: Tony Lee
Art: Richard Piers Rayner, Horacio Domingues, Tim Hamilton
The Doctor gets himself mixed up for History’s most famous serial killer. Can Amy and Rory prove the Doctor is not Jack the Ripper? Will they catch the real Jack? The art in this book is different this month. Not the cartoony feel of past issues (going back to the Tennant book) There is a dark, photo shopped feel which is interesting. Not 100% how I like it tho.

Grade B

The rest of the Stack…(a/k/a what am I reading these days)

Adventure Comics #524 – I think I prefer this rookie book to the seasoned team.
Legacies #10 – This series goes out on a bit of cheese danish ending. Bu
Superman #709 – Flash shows up in Superman at the same time as Kid Flash and Superboy are racing.

Come on back next week, ya hear?

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