Today in the UK the BBC aired it’s annual Children in Need  Comic Relief “Red Nose Day” Special.

As part of the special, 2 Doctor Who mini episodes aired  the first one being called  “SPACE”

the second being “TIME”.

Now these are for charity, so if you can, go donate.

By American standards, these scenes are a little bit suggestive, by family viewing standards.  Nothing you wouldn’t see in a episode of Friends, but at the same time, try explaining to your 6 year old why Rory is not upset at the prospect of 2 Amy Ponds.

At the completion of the second part, the BBC officially announced Doctor Who’s first 2011 episode, The Impossible Astronaut will be airing Easter Weekend. (Confirming that the show will air the same day in both the UK and the US.)

Since Doctor Who returned to the air in 2005 there have been some memorable moments for the series to air as part of Comic Relief.   Steven Moffat also penned the 2007 Mini Special “TIME CRASH (the last time an all original scene was produced, in 2008 and 2009 they showed previews of the upcoming Christmas Specials).  This one was the first to reunited the Doctor with himself (In his 5th incarnation, aka Peter Davison.

It does seem a bit lazy to me that they used essentially the same solution in the latest special to solve an unsolvable conundrum, that being the Doctor being able to tell himself how to solve a problem, only because his future self remembers his younger self doing it.  It’s a bit a of cop out in Time Travel problem solving, and someday I hope they get clever and have it not work.

Of course the first time the New Series appeared “Children in Need” was just before the first Christmas special in 2005, picking up right after David Tennant first appeared in the TARDIS, noting how weird his new teeth were, and going on about Barcelona.

Of course the Doctor has a long history with Children in Need and Comic Relief.   The Five Doctors, the shows 20th anniversary special first aired as Children in Need special in 1983.  10 years later  (4 years after the show’s cancellation)  The 5 surviving actors to play the Doctor up until that point along with many of the companions all get caught up in a 40 year time loop with the cast of Eastenders or Coronation Street (I really don’t know the difference) in a special called Dimensions in Time. It was played for high camp and is generally not remembered favorably.

But of course there was Steven Moffat’s first  time writing a Doctor Who special for Children in need.   It was in 1999 and, well just watch for yourself…  It is DOCTOR WHO AND THE CURSE OF FATAL DEATH, Starring Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor and Jonathan Pryce, and Janet Sawalia, the Daleks and a few surprises along the way.

When it first aired, it was broken up into 4 parts an aired at various points during the special.


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