Read of the Week! 4/27/11


Generation Lost #24

Story: Judd Winick
Pencils: Aaron Lopresti
Inks: Matt Ryan
Cover: Dustin Nguyen
Alt Cover: Kevin Maguire & HiFi
Publisher: DC

A $4.99 Comic
48 pgs

It’s on. Finally. The JLI vs. Max Lord.

God I wish the current JLA book was this good. But I am not going to waste your time complaining about the state of the JLA, your hear to read what I have to say about the best book to come the week was.

A year ago, when this series started last May, along side the much more ballyhooed BRIGHTEST DAY, I would not be lying if I didn’t say I was worried. There have been several attempts to recapture the spirit of the original Giffen/DeMatties League, heck even they had times when they seemed like they were just a bad imitation of themselves (Somewhere around the time Booster Gold got the idea to open a JLI themed tropical resort on a living island, I think, and the less that is said about G’Nort the better.) When there is a balance between the humor and the action, and you care about the characters, that’s when it was at it’s best. If it’s out of balance, it very easily can become bad comedy, or worse, Extreme Justice.   I was encouraged that Keith Giffen was going to be involved, but when I saw his name come off the cover around issue 6, I was prepared for the worst.

It never came.  Judd Winick, whose history as a writer showed that he could sometimes get to involved with his own agenda (Green Lantern) showed  how he has matured to become a top tier writer, certain in the top 5 currently working at DC, perhaps as high as #3.  Mr. Winick has found in the JLI team, a showcase for strongest talent as a writer.  Making us care about the people inside the shiny costumes.  I admit, when he took over Power Girl last year, I was very upset.  Not because of his coming on, but because of how much I loved Palmotti, Grey and Conners’ work.  But he has continued to keep me interested in that book, and his work here has been even better.  He captured the spirit of the original series, but it didn’t feel dated at all.   The only character I had misgivings about was Ice.  But as things came together in the final act, even this passed.

Now in a book shipping bi-weekly, the art could easily be inconsistent and weak, but the series stable of artists were all top notch and Aaron Lopresti was stunning in this series finale.   His style complemented Winick’s script nicely.  Reminiscent of the original series work of Kevin Maquire, but keeping his own sense of line and form. Another balancing act between past and present, comic and dramatic, and giving each character his or her own modern identity.

While DC is hurtling towards another summer crossover season (The Road to Flashpoint is already well underway) I’ll be interested in seeing where the JLI is headed.  Clearly the intention for a new JLI monthly is here, but will Winick be the writer?  Will they make this team the latest venture of Batman, Inc? since clearly Batman will be involved on some level.  Who will stay on the team?  Can Power Girl manage a solo title, her JSA chairpersonship and a spot on the JLI roster.  Will Guy Gardner (whose presence was sorely missed) Martian Manhunter, or Black Canary return to the embassy? Oh yeah, and what will happen when Booster and the others finally catch up with Maxwell Lord?  These are the questions waiting before us.  And I for one can’t wait to find out.

Grade A

Due to some scheduling issues,  I’ll update this with my bullet reviews of the rest of my (very large) weekly reading list tomorrow.

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