Read of the Week – 5/11/11


Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Scott Kolins and Francis Manapul (pg 14-18)
Cover: Francis Manapul w/ Brian Buccellato
Alternate Cover: Francis Portela w/ Javier Mena
Publisher: DC

A $2.99 Comic
32 pgs

We have reached the end of the road.

The road to Flashpoint that is. Geoff Johns’ latest master opus of the DCU.

The reason the latest (and last?!) issue of the current Flash series is the Read of the Week can be summed up in 2 words.

Scott Kolins.

This is an artist who should always be drawing a Flash book.   The pages just crackle with electricity.  Of course Scott Kolins was instrumental to the success Geoff Johns had on the Flash title in the early half of the decade, back when Wally West was the only Flash under 60. They made the Rogues real threats again, and it was on that book that Geoff Johns really broke out as a star writer.  No slight meant to Francis Manapul, who has been the artist on this title (and does a 4 page section near the end) but I don’t think I ever enjoyed Johns’ work more than I did when he and Scott Kolins were working on Flash together.  If I were DC I would be getting Kolins under an exclusive contract ASAP and buy him lots and lots or red ink.

Of course this story is key to FLASHPOINT, DC’s summer world altering mega event, and it also explores the nature of the Speed Force, the energy field that all speedsters draw their energy from, and it’s relationship to time, and of course time is a big part of Flashpoint.   Geoff Johns has always been a master at pulling together threads of comic history and taking what we loved about the stories of old, and making them fresh and classic at the same time.   He also clearly has an eye for the long game.  He brought back Eobard Thawne, the psychotic Professor Zoom a/k/a the Reverse Flash in the same story that brought Barry Allen back to live (Flash: Rebirth) back in 2009, and while he played a part in the White Lantern’s plans in Brightest Day, I can’t imagine that Johns was not looking ahead to Flashpoint a bit, knowing he was going to need him.

I do find myself scratching my head a bit about the decision to reboot the Flash title a this time, I would have thought it would made more sense to use the title like the Green Lantern titles in Blackest Night, but instead that honor has fallen to the Booster Gold book.Now obviously after Flashpoint is finished there will be a new Flash title (and if rumors are to believed it will be picking up with a combined issue number like what had been done with Wonder Woman and Adventure Comics recently.  (Around number 625 if my math is correct)

Grade A

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