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Today DC officially announced that the conclusion of Flashpoint they will officially reboot the entire DC superhero comics line.

Flashpoint #4

All DCU titles, including Action, and Detective Comics will be restarted with new number 1 issues, and all of their characters, over 50 have been redesigned by Jim Lee  to make them more identifiable to the general public, and fans alike.

On Wednesday August 31  DC will only be shipping 2 titles.  Flashpoint, #5 (the final issue of the miniseries)  and the all new Justice League #1.  All 51 other titles will be released in September, along with this announcement, DC has let it be known that they will be releasing all titles in digital formats via the DC website and their apps, on the same day they arrive in stores.

In an interview with USA Today, DC Editor Dan Didio has indicated that this is not going back to the beginning, but to an early point in their careers, with the Justice League being made of the original 7, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter, with a modern take on the origin of the super team.

More information about the the new titles will be made known in coming days and weeks.

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