Doctor Who Series 7 – Who’s at fault for this Space-Time Conundrum?

Once again, the Doctor faces his biggest, most dangerous obstacle, The Revenue stream

So apparently there won’t be  a full (13) run of episodes of Doctor Who in 2012
as reported by Private Eye magazine. (

And this is how the TV on the BBC differs greatly from American TV.     Even though the BBC has order 14 episodes for 2012 (the standard 13 plus the now traditional Doctor Who Christmas episode), BBC Wales, where the show is made is reportedly purposing not doing a full season, but rather a run of specials like they did in 2009. Because the budget and the resources are not there to deliver  the episodes in time.

Now Danny Cohen, BBC1 Controller (think Network President) says   “there won’t be a full series of Doctor Who in 2012, but a special run for the (50th) anniversary in 2013″.   as reported by BBC Merseyside’s Religious Editor Wayne Clarke from the 2011 Church and Media Conference.

So what is the take away on all of this?   Well there are two thoughts I hear:

  1. That 2012 will be like 2009, with a series of specials, probably more than 4 but not many more.  Then Series 7 will be aired in 2013 along with extra anniversary specials.
  2. That the upcoming Series 7 will begin in 2012, and have 13 episodes (plus Christmas special), but they will be split again like the current series, with some of the episodes not airing until 2013, where  the 50th anniversary season will also be aired.

How does this happen?  A hit TV show that doesn’t have the budget it needs to produce?  Doctor Who is the BBC’s cash cow?  How much merchandise does this show produce?   What about DVD sales, audio

It's not the angels the Doctor has to look out for, it's the accountants.

books, comics, bedsheets? And what about the licensing of the program worldwide?   Where does that money go?  Who is to blame?  Is it the producers’ fault for not keeping the show within it’s financial limitations?  Or does the program’s budget not legitimately reflect the revenue it creates for the network?

The Doctor has had to get himself out a lot of scrapes over the years, a hero who uses his mind first.  It would seem that bad book keeping would be a horrible reason for the show to end.

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