The New 52 is coming

DC comics ambitious complete line reboot now has a home on the web. as part of the The Source, DC Comics online blog.

Batman #1

The site feature a short video interview with some of DC’s higher ups like Publisher Dan Didio, Executive Editor Eddie Berganza, Editor in Chief Bob Harras, Publisher/Artist Jim Lee, and Writer Grant Morrison. The video goes on to talk about the bold plan to bring comics into the digital medium by being the first publisher to release books digitally on the same day as they are available in traditional comic book stores.

Same day digital release of comics is coming

Also on the site, all 52 books are showcased, divided by family. The Batman family of books being the largest by far devoted to one character group with 11. The Justice League group also features 11 titles (2 of which feature Batman). Each family group has links to all the books under it. The Source Blog refers to it as “your central starting point for all 52 of those issues.”

The Facebook image for the planned SDCC protest walk

The move has been divisive in the comic fan community, with many longtime readers feeling abandoned by the publisher.
There is even a group on Facebook which is planning a protest at San Diego Comic Con. Organized by Laura Hornack, The DC Original Protest Walk is to take place July 23 from 2pm to 3pm, Miss Hornack released the below statement via the event page she placed on Facebook which at this time has 314 confirming attendees.

Are you utterly baffled, disappointed and just ANGRY to see how DC ruins your favorite character’s design and wipes decades of comic history out of the mainstream universe? Well, you’re not alone!

And why not make some noise at the biggest pop-culture event this year, where creators, artists and writers appear in person – show them how fans – the fans of the classic characters, the (nevertheless slightly changing) designs, the character’s history and personality – really feel about it!

The Tumblr blog DC Women Kick Ass has been very vocal about the treatment of several popular female DC characters who seem to be missing from the the New 52. Characters like Huntress, Power Girl and the later versions of Batgirl (Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown) have all been missing from DC’s publicity material. Many characters with ties to JSA are suspiciously missing, leading to the speculation that DC may return those characters to Earth 2 exclusively.

DC is not messing around by doing anything halfheartedly, but if this experiment will succeed, it is obvious that at some point they will have to listen to what the fans are saying. More importantly, fans need to tell DC what they want, both with their voices and their wallets.

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