Read of the Week – Detective #881


Story: Scott Snyder
Art by Jock and Francisco Francavilla
Cover By: Jock
Publisher: DC

A $3.99 Comic
40 pgs

Wow, it Detective Comics ever had a last issue, I would be happy if it was a lot like this one.

What was that?  It’s what?

Okay so it’s not really the last issue, but it is the end of volume 1 of the longest running ongoing comic book in history. What I liked the most was there was no attempt to overdo the story with gimmicks or stunt guests. It was just a well crafted story done by some of the medium’s best storytellers.

One of the things I really loved about Scott Snyder’s (American Vampire) story was that it was a real detective story.   Watching Batman and Jim Gordan track down Gordan’s psychopathic son, James before he can do something to Barbara, and to Gotham.  James cool demeanor, not revealing anything he isn’t ready to.  The quiet intensity, matched only by his completely psychotic nature.    Dick has his work cut out for him.

Paired with Snyder’s story, Jock’s (Losers) art is sublime, and along with Francisco Francavilla’s work, the world of  Gotham City is an extension of James’ mental state.   The books pages  are saturated and moody, with edges that could cut you.  Who knows what is lurking in the corners?

Dick Grayson is at a crossroad, with the DC New52 reboot coming, this is the last issue where he will star as Batman in a solo tale, and come September he will be Nightwing once more.  I would be very happy with James Gordon returning at some point down the line, being Dick’s version of the Joker.  Not another clown, but Dick’s opposite and equal.  His nemesis.

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  1. This was a brillian series – and I am sad to see it go.

    When you got the time mate – check out my review –

    Nice blog by the way

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