Read of the Week – FLASHPOINT # 5


(w) Geoff Johns
(a) Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope and Jesse Delperdang
Cover – 
Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope and Alex Sinclair

DC Comics
a $3.99 comic
40 pgs

After a long summer, DC’s Flashpoint series came to its final conclusion with issue 5, on comic stands today.

And what an ending it was.

Flashpoint, and its numerous supporting series were all entertaining, but from a story standpoint, they had seem to be more summer blockbuster popcorn fair, which is fine, since it was summer and all. It had all the noise and color and adrenaline that would expect to find in a summer superhero movie, not say, Sophie’s Choice. But then Geoff Johns showed why he is the master that he is, as the last issue took a sudden right turn with the confrontation between Barry Allen, the Flash, and his longtime nemesis, The Reverse Flash, a/k/a Professor Zoom, and make a story about saving the world from certain destruction, to the story about a boy, and his mother.

cover by Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope and Alex Sinclair

The surprise came with how personal a battle this turned out to be, and the sacrifice that had to be made by a hero in order to save millions of strangers and the world. Barry is faced with the knowledge of the true cause for the Flashpoint, and the realization of what must be done to fix it.

Another surprise was what was not in the book. The strong finales to series like Abin Sur, Green Lantern, Hal Jordan and Kid Flash Lost all seemed to me to point towards possible developments in this final chapter. But the payoff on those titles didn’t come. .. And I didn’t miss them at all. We were rewarded with the arrival of Kal-El into the battle between the Amazons and the Atlantians, but by the time he did show up, the war no longer seemed to matter to the grand scheme of the story. I was completely drawn in to the personal conflict that Barry was now facing.

Of course Barry does do the right thing, and it is that choice that closes the book on the DCU we have known for the last 25 or so years. Flashpoint #5 ends with The Flash restoring the universe, but something else get’s involved and with it, three different realities (DC, Wildstorm, and Vertigo) get pulled together into the new status quo, the DC-nU, and with it we a glimpse of what is to come, and bit of a mystery to look forward to down the road. Then with one final scene, in this new version of DC reality, we are reminded about how human our heroes are, and need to be, because that is how we can relate and connect to them.

DC launched their new universe, but it’s good to see that the characters we know and care about are still there.


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  1. Injust finished Flashpoint No.5 – you were right, it was gorgeous. Still on the fence about the DC reboot, but JL 1, here I come.

    And, I have to say, the final scenes were beautiful – connecting a boy who lost his mom to a boy who lost his dad – just really well done. It isn’t often a comic book can actually make me a little misty-eyed, or put a lump in my throat, and it was that moment that convinced me to give the re-boot a chance!

  2. Tony – thanks for the comments

    As I have talked to more and more of the creators, I have really gotten on board with this relaunch. Scott Snyder’s Batman and Swamp Thing, Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man have me jazzed. I am also pretty interested in seeing what they do with characters like Mr. Terrific and Resurrection Man.

    The DC relaunch, and next year’s Valiant relaunch have me excited to be a comic fan. Things are changing in the industry though and who knows what is coming down the road.

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