NYCC 2012 – Day 1 – Welcome to NYCC

Has it been a year already?

Fall has always been a favorite time of year of mine,  there are non-geek reasons why,  I love College Football (GO BLUE!) and the Yankees are always in the post-season, and late September/early October is just  the best time to walk and explore all New York City has to offer.

But you don’t care about that.  You want to hear about New York Comic Con – don’t you?

Yep, it’s that time, when we descend upon the Jacob Javits Center with our swag bags, in our cosplay and rub elbows with the people who help create the various books, comics, film, tv, anime, manga, or what ever it is you are into, and also get to meet all friends you didn’t know you had, who love all those same things you do.

While I will be covering events and panels at NYCC for (see my first piece, here)  I always like to share the sights of Comic Con here with you at Geeksville.

Of course what everyone likes to see is the Cosplay –  so here it is, my cosplay of the day!

Flo Cosplay

Compare and Save!

I met Flo at the Mimobot booth in the “Block”, make sure to tell her you saw her, and she was Cosplay of the Day!

So that was Day One at NYCC 2012. Day one is always the lightest day, so expect lots more crazy stuff here and on

And if you aren’t make sure to follow me on Twitter for up to the minute Comic Con adventure @GetExiled!

Here is Day Two

Here is Day Three

Here is some of the other things I saw at Comic Con today

Now if these two ladies had been in the movie, it would have been a lot better! (thanks Scarlet Stepford for this pic)

Now if these two ladies had been in the movie, it would have been a lot better! (thanks Scarlet Stepford for this pic)

Dr. Horrible

Sing along with Dr. Horrible!

So Much Want – DC’s Bombshells Supergirl

Hulk get angry when step on Lego with bare foot!

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Adventure Time!

A Couple of Badass Ladies

Then he tried to kill Lee Gordon from (who took this pic)

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