New York Comic Con 2012 – Day Two Plus COSPLAY of the DAY


And the crowds descend upon the Javits Center, on the far West Side of Midtown Manhattan (the MTA can’t finish the 7 train extension fast enough for me).

Seriously there were a lot of you folks there today, and I got to meet a whole bunch of you!

It was a crazy day with lots to see at Day 2 of New York Comic Con.   For me the highlights were meeting Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison (and talking Spamalot with him), Buddy Scalara’s Comic Book School (I attended the editor’s on editing panel) the Valiant Comics Panel (some very cool stuff coming up!) and all that incredible cosplay that you do so well.

And that is why you are here, right?  So no sense making you wait any longer, here is Friday’s Cosplay of the Day.


Wouldn’t you want to be stolen by this Idris for 700 years?

Bragging Rights for Cosplay of the Day go to Tiffany here in her incredibly detailed Idris costume!

I hadn’t planned on picking a Doctor Who Costume today, Sunday is supposed to be a big Doctor Who cosplay day, but I thought this was a fantastic take on the costume

Don’t see yourself here in my best of the day? Don’t fret, check out and like our Facebook  page to see all the shots we took, and if you see yourself, please feel free to tag yourself

See Day One here

See Day Three here

Some of the other great cosplay out there today included:


Death, becomes her.


A very detailed Red Lantern Bleez

A Dalek, made from household object (note the whisk)

In a world of Amelia Ponds and Rose Tyler’s it’s nice to see a classic era Sarah Jane Smith now and then

What can I say, I like fast women. DC’s Jesse Quick

Evil Doers, prepare to sleep, here comes the Sandman!

I am not a huge Hunger Games follower, but this amazing, formal Katnis

I’d rather kiss THIS wookie!

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