New York Comic Con 2012 – Day Three and Cosplay of the Day

Saturday at Comic Con

There is very little in life that can prepare you for a Saturday at Comic Con.

Maybe a rush hour 4 train, when there is home game at Yankee Stadium, or Times Square at midnight on December 31st?

Let’s just say it takes a bit of stamina to get through the day.

What’s the highlight of the day, well attending the IDW Publishing panel, talking Doctor Who with Andy Diggle, the writer who has taken over the ongoing monthly, and finding out that they will also be doing a 12 issue special series. Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, with each issue featuring on a different Doctor, for the series’ 50th anniversary in 2013, plus all the other very cool things (Doctor Who and otherwise) things they have planned for next year and beyond.  You can read all about it soon over at

I also got to talk with some great artists over in “Artist Alley” (Which is way over in the North Annex this year, which is pain because it’s so far, but there is much more room there)  Guys like Ant Lucia, who does very cool pinup pieces with a Rockabilly vibe and a 50′s horror twist.  He is also designing DC’s Bombshells line of statues, DC Heroines in WWII style Bomber pinup models (like this very cool Supergirl) and Christopher Jones, who draws DC’s Young Justice comic. I enjoyed talking classic Doctor Who with him.

But you don’t care about all that,  you just want to see the Cosplay pics, don’t you?

Well here it is – Saturday’s Cosplay of the Day!

The Maid of Might! The Gal of Steel! a very accurate early Supergirl!

Here’s the thing, I have never been a huge Supergirl fan, and here I have mentioned her twice already in this column.  It was this cosplayer’s attention to detail, and craftsmenship that makes this costume the winner.  Everything here has been built and stitched by her, and it looks great!

Congrats, Supergirl, bragging rights are all yours.

You’ll see the rest of the best below, and you can see the all the cosplay pics I took Saturday on our Facebook Page.  Don’t forget to hit the like button!

Here is Day One

Here is Day Two

The best props of any Cosplay today. And so close to being CotD! Movie Sign!

Great attention to detail, and accuracy, and choosing a Kick Ass Costume all make this Batwoman a winner

I actually never saw Brave, but this really impressed me

There is nothing stronger than the love between a kid and his tiger.

I have always been a sucker for the Bwah Ha ha days of the Justice League, Bonus points for the Skeets!

I did a double take on this Power Girl, a great style twist by Paigey! who is a Brooklyn based artist, who used her actual wedding dress to make this very fun costume

I never met a bronie before talking to this beautiful young lady. The coolest thing about her was her mother’s support of her hobby that was the coolest. And her mom is a Dr.Who fan!

Just cool to see kids so young respecting the classics.  Sometimes it hurts to know these kids probably never saw Star Wars in a theatre.

TARDIS dresses are all the rage now, but this one, with the lit hat was a great combination of whimsy and sexy, and all hand painted.

Bite my shiny metal ass!

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