New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 4 and Cosplay of the Day (of course)

Ah Sunday, that quiet restful day at the end of the week.

Not at Comic Con!  Turn out look to be up on Sunday against last year, from my observation, with a lot of young kids and families on hand.  This makes me think a few things:

  • Could NYCC be outgrowing the Jacob Javits Center? and if it is, where else in New York City could it move to?  Would it leave Manhattan? Would it go to Queens? or even (gasp) New Jersey?
  • The economy, at least in the New York Metropolitan area, has improved somewhat, with what had to be a record turnout on a Sunday (if not for the whole weekend) it is, to me at least a sign that people have a little more spending money in their pockets.

I spent the last day of the con really trying to talk to people that will help me bring you the most interesting stories from Geeksville, like the Hal Johnson, the author of Immortal Lyncanthropes and some of from publishers like the artists behind some the best indy and small press comics like IDW Publishing, Valiant and Dark Horse.  And where to find some of the coolest swag out there for nerds on the go in this busy city.

But again – your here for costumes,  so here it is the best  costumes I saw today, including the CosPlay of the Day!

Isn’t she a Wonder?

Now there were a lot of great costumes out there today, and it was a tough choice for us here at the Geeksville HQ.  Why did we pick DC second stringer (and New 52 casualty) Donna “Wonder Girl/Troia/Darkstar” Troy?  We see tons of Wonder Women, and Cassie Wonder Girls out there, but Donna gets very little love in the cosplay world, and to do the black costume (and have it come out looking so fantastically) just earned her the top spot.

Like the rest of the week the best of the rest are, and below, and you can see the all the cosplay pics I took Saturday on our Facebook Page.  Don’t forget to hit the like button!

Here is Day One

Here is Day Two

Here is Day Three

With the over abundance of New Who cosplay, it’s great to see the 80′s version of the show get some attention, and these look great. Five is screen accurate, and the gender swap on Six makes the costume work in ways in never did on Colin Baker. They just missed out on the top spot today….

Another themed couple – I’d had decided I wasn’t going to take any more Catwoman pics today, as she’s been done to death, unless I saw a Julie Newmar version – and then these two came around the corner.
















This Candyman could look and more authentic if he was been followed by a troop of Oompa Loompas. And he gave me candy!

Mistaken for Rorschach by those not in the know, this is a great take on the original Question, Vic Sage. He knew the answer to the meaning of life – 42!















This is a great take on a costume that hasn’t really even been in the public eye too long, and demonstrates that a woman’s costume doesn’t have to show a lot of skin to be sexy.

Jack in the Box

Sure, he’s a corporate spokesperson, but hey corporations are cosplayers too.
















It’s Orko, the court magician of Eternia! My how he’s grown since the 80′s

Like Catwoman,I didn’t really need any more Harley pics, but this one (which I ran into in the subway) made her almost entire costume (even the boots) out of Duck Tape. That’s just cool,
















Hipster Ariel has been coming to Comic Con for years, long before you ever thought about coming.

Full disclosure – This is AZ Powergirl aka Cara Nicole, she is a professional cosplay/model. I haven’t knowingly chosen any other professional models in my best cosplay. but Power Girl is one of my favorite character, and she really just nails the character. Plus she reminded me that I hadn’t had thai food in a long time, so thanks AZ PG, hope you got some thai too!














So that’s it from Comic Con.

Keep checking back here for more news from Geeksville, and you can find plenty of Comic Con coverage at


Geek Out!


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