Going Back to Galactica

So, after two years in the making, Battlestar Galactica:Blood & Chrome finally comes to your home, on your computer screen.

The 2 hour pilot is now being made available online, as  a 12 part webseries, the first two parts of which are already online via Machininma Prime’s YouTube Channel.  The film, in it’s entirety will air on Syfy in January of 2013.

Originally announced by Syfy in October, 2010. A pilot of was shot in Feburary 2011, in Canada (where both BSG and Caprica were made.).   Since then, the fate of the project, as a television series had been unclear.

It has been reported that the Syfy was moving away from the idea of a TV series, but was still considering it for online content.  But both Richard Hatch, and Jane Espenson were reported to have said that the series was still in consideration for the network.

Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick has been has come out and said that Blood & Chrome was always intended to be a web series

“(Blood and Chrome) was originally developed as an online project… there’s a certain record to set straight which was a little frustrating for me a few months ago when I saw the headlines that the ‘Blood and Chrome’ project was somehow been rejected or was a failed pilot or wasn’t gonna make it on the air and all those kinds of things. It was never intended to be a traditional pilot, so to speak, such that Syfy not picking it up in a traditional manner to an episodic series was some kind of rejection or failure. It was always developed, at least from my point of view, as a project for an online environment and it was something we would develop and structurally, narratively build as a 10 part serial. Kind of like the ‘Raiders of the Ark’ style adapted the 1930’s style movie serials where you have 10 minutes of story and a cliffhanger followed by 10 minutes of story and a cliffhanger and after 10 of these episodes it would resolve itself and react structure as a whole movie. So when I set out to develop this, my thinking was to design a mission, sort of speak, of course once the characters and the overall ideas were approved by the network, a mission that could be, as missions are often are in the military sense, divided into 10 smaller missions. And that’s really what we wound up with and what the audience is going to see…

…I think what the confusion came in is that for a moment the network after seeing the script said, “Gee, we don’t want to rule out the possibility of just advocating the online venture altogether” and throwing this up as a pilot for a traditional series for Syfy. There were discussions about that but for a variety of reasons, I think not the least of which was because there was a genuine feeling that we had really designed something altogether groundbreaking from a visual effects standpoint, (they decided to) stick with the original plan.”

Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome will probably have a DVD/Blu Ray release as well.   It may or may not include the conveniently loud crashes every time someone swears.

Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome  star Luke Pasqualino ( William “Husker” Adama), Ben Cotton  (Coker Fasjovik) and  Lili Bordán (Dr. Beka Kelly)


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