Elder Scrolls Online Beta. Is it worth a subscription fee?

After all the hype and anticipation I finally received a beta key for Elder Scrolls Online.  I am not the biggest MMO fan, but ill try anything if well done.

I played quite a bit of the Skyrim, so I’ll use that as my comparison. I chose the Dragonknight class, and used a two handed weapon. When playing Skyrim I used magic in one hand and a weapon in the other. That’s why I decided to try a two handed weapon. The character creation was somewhat generic, with minor tweaks to the face and body. Once all that was done, I jumped in and started playing the tutorial.  The tutorial was uneventful, but it gives you a chance to learn the mechanics.  So it served it purpose. The controls were the same as Skyrim with the exception of using the number keys to use a number of your special abilities.

Elder Scrolls Online

A Screenshot from The Elder Scrolls Online website, “Spider Daedra Boss”

Once I started gamplay, I immediately got out of first person, and strictly used 3rd person. The community made a big deal about the game not having first person, but I don’t like it for an MMO. My abilities were hit and miss. I used an ability that I threw rocks, which I didn’t really care for. The one ability that helped me since I was a close combat character, was Fiery Reach. It reminded me of Scorpion’s move in Mortal Kombat. As, I continued though quests, not really reading the quest text, and moving on. The quests were generic and not that entertaining. I ended up teaming up with some other players doing similar quests. A problem we were having was some of the quests weren’t marked, and we were running around for a good 30 minutes looking. This could be a beta issue, so we’ll see if it gets fixed. Another problem I was having was that I wasn’t getting kills because I didn’t have a range attack. I wish I would have been a ranged character or a rouge.

In closing I think the game has issues, but is worth playing. I do not think its worth a $15 subscription fee. I can’t see sinking over $200 in the first year for this game.  If I get another beta key, ill try another class and give my thoughts on updates.

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