Did You All Meet Rob?

You may have noticed a few new pieces here lately.  Some of those articles are about video games. Now I know you are thinking, Dave, when did the Exile get so into video games.  Well I always liked video games, but I haven’t written about them much because, well to be honest, I am not that good at them.  So why the sudden focus on them?  Because we have a new contributing writer here in Geeksville. If you haven’t already, say hello to Rob Martino.

Bio Pic

Rob’s on the left in the above photo, in case you weren’t sure.

Rob has a real passion for the indie game scene, so be sure to check back often, as he’ll be showcasing all the newest games that he can get his hands on.  If all goes to plan, he’ll be heading to PAX EAST for us this year, where he’s sure to get the scoop on just about everything.

Besides being a video game expert, Rob is also quite the drummer.

And if you have a passion for something geeky, and you want to share it at Geeksville, please feel free to send us an email at ExiledinGeeksville@yahoo.com.

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