The Week in Geeksville – DC Comics TV edition

It’s Tuesday, Tuesday is the day we (from now on) will look back on the previous week and run through the big stories on the geek scene.  Since this is the first time we are doing this, we may look back a little further back…

With so much to go over,   I am going focus on the many different projects Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment are working on for television.  Tomorrow I’ll open it up to the rest of television and movies.

  • Arrow

The Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn (?!), Birds of Prey!

This week’s episode introduces the Suicide Squad to the Arrow universe.  It what looks to be an episode light on the Arrow himself, expect a lot of action as Diggle takes center stage, when his ex-wife Lyla returns, and recruits him to the Squad.  So who is the Suicide Squad?   The Squad is a group of convicts with special skills and abilities that A.R.G.U.S. (Advanced Research Group United Support) uses for high risk missions that the government needs to have plausible deniability.  Headed by Amanda “the Wall” Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), the Squad will feature Deadshot (Michael Rowe), Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) and Shrapnel(Sean Maher). All are characters who have a history with the SS in various versions in the comics.


But the big tease has been the image of a blond woman with pig tails locked up along side the rest of the squad.  The rumors of Harley Quinn being included started within minutes of the episode preview Harley-Quinn-Arrow-590x250airing.  Is this Harley?   I certainly think it’s meant to allude to her, but this show has done such a great job of referencing the DCU that it may just be that, an Easter Egg for the comic fans.  I don’t think we’ll actually see her suit up and join the Squad on the mission…  yet.  But, hey the producers got the permission to use Ra’s Al Ghul (in name at least) and the League of Assassins…  If she does really turn out to be Harley, does that mean the Arrow-verse also has a Joker?  and dare I say, a Batman?

Speaking of Bats, next week’s Arrow features the return of the Huntress(Jessica De Gouw) and her vendetta against her father, Frank Berlinetti (Jeff Nordling of 24, and friend to Geeksville)  This time she finds herself running into Starling City’s newest masked vigilante, The Canary. (Caity Lotz)  Hmmm.  Huntress, Canary,  now if we only had a computer genius somewhere operating behind the scenes who could be an Oracle…  oh wait, a minute…

Ok Barbara Gordon she isn’t, but Felicity Smoak has proven to be quite the capable cyber-sleuth.

  • The Flash

900x900px-LL-b8451bf1_BifePhDCQAAFQB-A few weeks back we got our first glimpse of the Scarlet Speedster in his costume (well at least the top 1/7th of his costume, since it was only a head shot.)  But this past week  we got to see a bit more, as the first images of the whole costume hit the web.

Since the show’s pilot is shooting in Vancouver right now, it was inevitable that images would leak out.  DC Entertainment beat the set spies and spoilers by giving us some pretty high quality images first.

And what do we think of the new look? Well…

There is a lot I like about it.  There is no mistaking who the character is supposed to be, and the outfit fits into the aesthetic of both Arrow and DC Comics New 52 Flash.   But the belt is a bit of a head scratcher.

As someone old enough to remember the first attempt at a Flash TV show back in 1990, on of the things I was most disappointed by was the overly sculpted, Tim Burton Batman inspired costume.  This one seems a little sleeker to me, although the fabric doesn’t really say “speedster” to me.   I was also disappointed  that the boots are not completely yellow.  And I miss the wings (which have been replaced with additional lightning bolts on the ear pieces.images

Of course I reserve judgement until I see the outfit after post production, on the screen as it is intended to be seen.


  • Constantine

It’s not often that a character gets a second chance to jump from the page to the screen.  Especially when the initial attempt really misses the mark,(Unless you are part of the Batfamily, and even then it takes some time)  but NBC and Warner Brothers look poised to make us all forget the Keeanu Reeves dude and bring the real Hellblazer, John Constantine to TV this fall.

No offense the film version, which was not a bad movie, it just wasn’t Constantine.  But it looks as though they are getting it right this time, with the character looking like he was lifted right of the page. Star Matt Ryan (at right) looks like he was born to play the occult detective.


It’s hard to believe the character first appeared almost 30 years ago, and now looks almost exactly the same, with his Police frontman Sting inspired shock of blonde hair, and rumpled trench coat. (Both of which were missing from the aforementioned 2005 movie based on the character.

  • iZombie

While Flash aizombieimagesnd Constantine both seem to be drawing heavily on the source material, iZombie show runner Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) has confirmed that his adaption  will differ significantly from the Chris Roberson/Mike Aldred Vertigo Comic series of the same name.

“The thing that we’re taking from the comic is this mid-20s female zombie who eats brains and gets the memories of the dead” Thomas told IGN.  Thomas is changing a lot about the character, even her name, now Olivia Moore a/k/a Liv (I see what you did there.)


Future Brain Eater, Rose McIver

Played by Rose McIver, she’s a med student turned zombie, who works in a morgue, and eats the brains of the recently deceased.  “It will not be Zombie Apocalypse Show, it will be sort of fun, cool, smart, funny — a single-female lead who happens to be a zombie.”

The show will also feature a cast that includes Nora Dunn, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, Alexandra Krosney and David Anders.

  • Gotham


So, Gotham…   you may be thinking to yourself, saving the best for last, eh Dave?  Well… no.   There is no show DC Entertainment has in development that worries me more than Gotham.  First, I have little faith in the Fox network in handling anything genre related.

I like the concept, and would have loved a NYPD Blue take on the Gotham police force, even a pre-Batman one.  But everything specific I have heard about the show has me concerned.    A 12 year old Bruce Wayne?   A 14 year old Selina Kyle?    I don’t like how Batman dependent the story looks like it will be, while at the same time being a world that is 10 to 12 years from Batman becoming a real possibility.  It seems that we are certain to be faced with early versions of many of Batman’s rogues.   I am afraid the Shadow of the Bat may be to big for anything to get out of, and it will doom the show.

But I hope I am wrong.

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