Batman vs Superman now with more Cyborg

So this just happened..

Variety is reporting that actor Ray Fisher has joined the ever growing cast of the as yet untitled Man of Steel sequel as Victor Stone a/k/a Cyborg.  (It’s ok if you just said, “Who?”.  We didn’t know who he is either until Googled him either.)  Ray FisherFisheris more well known as a stage actor.  His recent roles  including the Broadway play “Fetch Clay, Make Man,” in which he portrayed Muhammad Ali.   He apparently is also being considered for a role in J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII.   

No word yet if we will see Cyborg in the story, or if events in the story will set up Victor to eventually become Cyborg in a possible Justice League film.

Fisher joins the Batman-Superman cast that already includes Henry Cavill(Superman), Ben Affleck(Batman), Jesse Eisenberg(Lex Luthor), Gal Gadot(Diana/Wonder Woman), Jeremy Irons (Alfred) and Amy Adams(Lois Lane).

The as yet untitled Batman-Superman feature hits theatres on May 6, 2016.




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  1. It seems more and more like DC wants the success that Marvel has had with their cinematic universe, but instead of doing so with patient build-up and intelligent writing, they’re just throwing “all of their shit” into one movie that they had coming up anyway and hoping that works out. I wish DC would get it together. It’s sad really, but fitting. There’s a certain balance. DC has had great success with animated films and shows and Marvel with films… but the two don’t do so well in the other territory.

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