Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game Released Today

For all you superhero fans out there, today April 29th, 2014,  Amazing Spider-Man 2,  from Beenox, released for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, WiiU, 3DS and PC.   It is , of course, the videogame tie-in for the movie that comes out this Friday May 3.  Have you seen the trailer?  No?   Well here’s the latest one.

Wow that’s a lot of superhero action crammed into a minute!  Plus a few surprise faces in there.   The game looks like it will include a few villains who have not yet appeared in either Amazing Spider-man, or it’s sequel Black Cat, Kingpin, Venom and Carnage all make an appearance.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 , the game, is available for purchase  at steam, here. Here is the retail price breakdown for the different systems:

Xbox One & PS4 – $59.99
PS3 & Xbox 360 – $49.99
PC – $39.99
3DS – $29.99
WiiU – $$49.99

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