This 5 Minute Preview of The Flash Gives You A Need for Speed

So you watched last night’s Arrow season finale and got look at the first teaser for this fall’s Flash television series.  If you are anything like me, you wanted to see more right away.  Well the CW must have read my mind because today at it’s upfronts it debuted a new 5 minute preview.  Haven’t seen it yet? Here it is!

Some immediate thoughts…

My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive…

The first person narrative that has been a tradition in comics featuring the Flash (any Flash) is part of the trailer, and I love it.  Flash is such the people’s hero. He tells his own story.

Lightning gave me abs?”

Between the first teaser, and this one I get the very satisfying feeling that this show, and this Flash will have a great sense of wonder and fun.  Unlike recent cinematic offerings from DC, the Flash is a character that is just a man who, despite great tragedy early in life, has managed to find a place in the world, and people who love him, and a purpose that doesn’t consume him.   He’s not an obsessed revenging seeking adolescent with unlimited resources, he’s not a talented but cocky smart ass with abandonment issues and the ability to overcome fear, and his not all powerful alien.   He’s a man who finds himself with an amazing gift, who just wants to help people.

We’ve been searching for other meta-humans like yourself

Since this show is expanding the Arrow version of DC continuity, we can expect the Arrow’s tradition of name dropping characters and Easter Eggs being planted in the background. (This trailer already has at least one big egg, Ferris Aircraft.)  I can only hope that they use the two series to help expand it even more.  While I don’t think I would want any more actual shows taking place in this continuity (at least as long as both shows are airing) I would love to much more of the world that they take place in .  Like the much missed Young Justice series, these two shows could be about the whole DCU, not the title heroes.

My message to the series producers, don’t be afraid to do some world building.  If you build it well enough, the producers of the Justice League movie can’t help but take notice.

Rogues, Rogues, Rogues

Yes please.  The trailer shows two, (Mirror Master, and Professor Zoom).  Let’s see more!  Don’t be afraid to go deep into the Flash-lore either.  Find those unpolished gems from the comics and give them a cleaning and a cut.  Get to the point with them and make them shine.  Make the Rainbow Raider a badass villain.

“This just keeps getting cooler

Yes,  yes it does.

The Flash will air Tuesdays at 8 this fall on the CW.

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