Star Trek Boldly Going to Netflix? Not So Fast!

You might have heard something today about a new Star Trek series coming to Netflix.  But it seems, like a slipstream drive to get Voyager home faster, it seems that this bit of news might just be a little too good to believe.

A Google+ page called “Starfleet Intelligence” went in to warp drive, to announce that Star Trek info guru Larry Nemecek had told fans this past Saturday’s “State of the Trek” Fan Forum Panel at Phoenix Comicon of  “a possible return to television via media-content streamer Netflix.”   The story went from the G+ page, with just 137 followers, out to the internet, and the plethora of fandom blogs and websites until it came across our screen here at Geeksville via a Facebook.

Geeksville Editor and Starfleet Officer (ret.) David Vandervliet

Geeksville Editor and Starfleet Officer (ret.) David Vandervliet

Naturally we were ready to get jump into our Starfleet Uniform and report for duty, but while looking for more info on the story for you we came across a blogpost on by Larry Nemecek himself.  In the post, he relates that the story may be a bit premature.  He confirms that while there has been a overture, per se, by no means has there been any “talks” between CBS, the Star Trek rights holder, and Netflix.

From Mr. Benececk’s blog:

I know Trek fans are hungry for new material and hoping that someone “gets it” and gets on with doing one. That’s why everything from the continuing novels to fan fiction, to Star Trek Online and other games, to the fan films, to  cosplayers and prop and shipbuilders are all still going strong: People are desperate for new Star Trek—including the new fans driven by JJ or the Bluray remasters and, yes, mass Netlfix availability. And, said desperate fans pounce on every crumb that’s out there — as good fans would...

…As we know by now, Netflix has changed the TV/media landscape yet again by becoming a platform of clout with original shows like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black—popular not only with fans, but critics…and now the award shows. It’s in Netflix’s interest to be casting about for new shows—including those from known franchises. I understand Star Trek is one of them—especially as Trek’s 737 hours of “reruns” performs as a top draw ON Netflix. As I understand it, there have been overtures.  But none taken. So far.


Mr. Nemecek is “the Universe’s reknowned Star Trek Authority, and he runs the Trekland blog. He has worked for some 20 years as Star Trek author, interviewer, editor, commentator, producer, event wrangler.

So, while there has been overture, sadly the curtain on a new Star Trek series won’t be rising anytime soon.

Hailing frequencies are closed.   For now.


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