WB Goes Big With DC Comic Film Slate


To call it ambitious would be an understatement, but if former Deadline editor, Nikki Finke is correct, Warner Brothers will be diving in head first into the comic book movie pool with 7 movies between May 2016 and May 2018.

  • May 6 2016 – Batman v Superman…
  • July 2016 – Shazam
  • Christmas 2016 – Sandman
  • May 2017 – Justice League
  • July 2017 – Wonder Woman
  • Christmas 2017 – A Flash and Green Lantern team-up film
  • May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2

new_52__shazam_by_jeansinclairarts-d5u0i8mShe reports that we can expect official word from WB at Comic Con this July, in San Diego.  One of the hold ups is that Warner Brothers is looking to still cast a few roles, so that they can cameo in BvS and Justice League.  One thing is certain, Ryan Renyolds will not be returning as Green Lantern.

Nothing will reach theatres until 2016 the awkwardly titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. (WB there’s still plenty of time to fix that, you know). A Shazam movie being made before, say Wonder Woman has been considered a surprise by some.  But if Warner Brothers wants to fully exploit their DC comic properties, and they have the schedule space to have a movie come out in July 2016, they need to make a a film featuring someone NOT in Justice League.  Of course with Gal Gadot in both Batman v. Superman and Justice League, she won’t be available to film a Wonder Woman film until Justice League wraps.

The Sandman film, being produced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, catches my eye here, because I would be surprised if would be included in a shared DC movie universe.  Like many DC properties, Sandman has been various levels of “Development Hell” for more than 20 years.  JGL will be working with David Goyer and Sandman creator NeilGaiman himself on the project with Warner Bros. Gaiman will be acting as executive producer, while Goyer will be supervising the screenplay.

So what do you think?   Can Warner Brothers pull it off such an ambitious slate?  Is it even real?  Or is it just a fanboy dream?


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