Arrow Adds a Little Help This Fall.


The DC TV Universe, like it’s cinematic cousin keeps getting bigger.

Hot on the heels of announcing that Devon Aoki (Sin City) will be playing Tatsu Yamashiro a/k/a Katana this fall on Arrow, we now get word that former Man of Steel Brandon Routh will be playing Ray Palmer.  Ray Palmer is better known in the DCU as the diminutive powerhouse, the Atom.The_Atom_Ray_Palmer-5

The Arrow version of the character will be “an unparalleled scientist and inventor”.  Palmer will be the new owner of Queen Consolidated, and a possible new love interest for fan-favorite character Felicity Smoak. Not exactly the Ivytown University professor we all remember.  (Actually he sounds more like Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle than Ray Palmer.)

The Atom’s powers, the ability to control the size and mass of his body seem to belong more in Arrow spinoff series, The Flash than the gritty street crime world of Starling City.  But the Arrow producers have done a good job of adapting DC characters to fit in their version of the DCU.

As the CW continues to expand it’s universe, populating with more and more DC characters, one has to wonder how it will affect the ongoing creation of a DC cinematic universe, which also seems to always be adding new characters.

If and how Warner Brothers decides to reconcile these two universes remains to be seen.

Arrow’s third season will begin this October 8.


Devon Aoki will be wielding the Soultaker this fall on Arrow.

Devon Aoki will be wielding the Soultaker this fall on Arrow.



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