Doctor Who Season 8 – The Full Trailer is here!

We’ve been teased.  Wondered if he is a good man, seen into his soul even, but we’ve only gotten snippets.  That all changed today when the first official full Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer from the BBC youtube page.

Trying to avoid spoilers?  Be like Clara and close your eyes now!

Clara doesn't want to see any spoilers for Doctor Who Series 8

Clara doesn’t want to see any spoilers for Doctor Who Series 8!

Ok, so if you are still reading, then you’re not like Clara,  so step into the TARDIS, and its warm orange glow. (Orange?)

How about that? Let’s take a look at a few things that jumped out at us.

We know this new Doctor is more no nonsense, and this look makes him certainly look the Bad-Ass

Doctor Who Series 8 - The Doctor

The TARDIS is exploding! Clearly the Doctor is still wondering if Clara knows how to fly the TARDIS.

TARDIS Console Explodes

Hmmmm Same Sonic, for now…

DOCTOR WHO - SERIES 8 - A New Sonic Screwdriver

Not a big surprise, the Daleks will be back (Really think they need a year off.)


So is Madame Vastra, and the Paternoster Gang

Doctor Who Series 8 - Madame Vastra
But it’s not all familiar faces (and suckers)

Who is this fellow?  Man?  Cyborg?


Reminiscent of Third Doctor’s Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

DOCTOR WHO Series 8 - Dinosaurs!

A Robot?  Alien?  Knight?  All Three?

DOCTOR WHO Series 8 - Robot knight

Another fierce looking alien

Doctor Who Series 8 - Another interesting Robot

This guy reminds me of Hammerhead from my Star Wars action figure collection.

Doctor Who Series 8 Hammerhead1
Doctor Who Series 8 premieres Saturday August 23.


Ok Clara, you can open your eyes now.

Clara Eyes-Wide open

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