SDCC14 – Arsenal Suits Up on Arrow

Well here’s one bit of news

Arrow sidekick Roy Harper is ditching his Ambercrombie hoodie.   At least when he’s fighting crime.

Roy has been part of the show since it’s first season, and while his path from delinquent to vigilante has been a difficult one, it has not been unexpected.  In the 2nd season finale, he finally got a bow and mask and joined Ollie and Canary out on the street, when the city needed him.

This fall, it looks like he’ll be getting quite a wardrobe upgrade.  We got a first look courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, but you can see it right here.


The new look, and sobriquet Arsenal both will debut in this fall’s season premiere of Arrow on the CW on October 8.

It’s a nice update on the Arsenal/Red Arrow look Roy was sporting in the comics both before and after the New 52 launch.  Thankfully the producers of the show decided to forget the first costume Roy wore when he took the name Arsenal back in the 90’s.thenewtitans099-arsenalpremiere001

Don’t you agree?


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