SDCC14 – DC’s Heading to Multiversity this Fall

It’s been in the works for more than 6 years,  and now finally Grant Morrison’s limited series exploring DC’s extended continuity, The Multiversity will be heading to your local comic shops this fall. Fans got their first look at DC’s panel for the event. On hand was the Scottish mastermind behind it all, Morrison along with artist Cameron Stewart, and editor Eddie Berganza.  There they gave those on hand the first glimpse of the event that has been in development since the end of DC’s weekly series, 52, back in 2007. “I actually started this thing right after ’52’ ended. Morrison told the crowd.

The panel discussed DC’s long history of multiple continuities which has been both a strength and weakness over the years, depending on how you look at it.  The DC multiverse came into existence when it was revealed that Barry Allen had read comics as a boy that featured Jay Garrick as the Flash, when the two finally met in the now classic Flash of 2 Worlds (Flash #123, Sept 1961).    This meta connection between the multiverse will be part of the Multiversity concept.  Each issue of the 8 issue series will be set on a different Earth (maybe even more than one) and the heroes of the various worlds will discover the Big Bad, by reading comics set in the previous issue’s Earth.


One of the important characters of the multiverse is the Monitor.  Here it’s Nix Woton — the last on the Monitors from Final Crisis.  He will be the connection thread of the entire series. “He travels the multiverse in a yellow submarine.”   He’ll travel between the worlds in his yellow sub, whenever he detects a threat, on a quest to stop it.   Each of the different issues will be in a different style, in tune with the art and story style of the characters in it.  Earth 5, the home of the Shazam family of characters (Who still use the name Captain Marvel here is seems) will have the feel of those 40’s and 50’s era Fawcett Comic stories.  The Charlton characters, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom and the others will feel more like the Watchman characters they inspired back in the 1980’s, instead of their 60’s versions. “It’s a political, cosmic, philosophical piece.” Morrison said  “It’s not the same story as ‘Watchmen.’ Nothing that happens in that story happens here, but we use some of those techniques,” 


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Since the events of this story are spilling out of 52 series, and the Infinite and Final Crisis miniseries. I am curious to see if any of these 52 worlds still resemble the pre-New 52 Universe. (I doubt DC will allow that.)  The worlds on the map are not randomly placed either.   The map of the multiverse will be included in the series guide special, and will tell readers about all the worlds, not just the ones that the story takes place on. heir relationships to each other can tell you things about them.  The world dedicated to “Just Imagine Stan Lee Created...” universe being on the exact opposite parallel from the Jack Kirby inspired world.


This map really sets DC’s multiverse, and it will help open up the multiverse to other creators.  Th Of the 52 universes, there are still seven unknown worlds to be discovered later as DC wants.   It’s always good to leave a little wiggle room.  Just looking at the map, makes me want to know more.   Why does Earth 10 have a red X through it.  Earth 8 has it’s number in a blue circle, like the old DC bullet logo.

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