SDCC14 – First Look – WONDER WOMAN from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice



At last, here’s out first look of Wonder Womans costume from the Man of Steel sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Zack Snyder showed up (Flying in from Michigan, where they are currently shooting the movie) as they were showing some of the first concept art for the movie.  Cool, but not anything we haven’t seen yet really.   Snyder explained since they were just shooting the movie, he really didn’t have any footage to share..  or did he.

Okay, okay, we have a teeny little thing!” he told the packed Hall H crowd.   The light went dark, and the teaser ran, and it blew the crowd away.  Batman, standing in the rain, in a suit right out of the Dark Knight Returns, eyes glowing.  The Batsignal lights up and in the sky overhead we see the red cape catch the light.  As Superman looks down, his eyes begin to glow red.  And the audience goes nuts.(If and when WB decides to put the teaser on the web, we’ll be sure to add it.)

Then Snyder brought out some friends,  Ben Affleck, and Henry Cavill joined on stage, followed by Gal Gadot, as images of the three of them in full costume go up,




Again the crowd goes wild.

So..  What do you think of the new Wonder Woman look?


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