Things Get Cold as Flash’s Rogues Begin to Multiply


There is an old Arabian proverb, “A man can be judge by the reputation of his enemies.

By that saying, The Flash could be considered one of comics greatest heroes.  In the comics, the Flash’s villains are one of the most formidable, albeit, colorful group.  The core group of the Scarlet Speedster forming a cabal known as The Rogues.  Despite being criminals, the Rogues are known for operating with in a code of honor among thieves.


Not the hardest Easter Egg to find

Now that the Flash is coming to television, many of his Rogues will be joining him. The pilot (which screened at Comic Con, as well as having been leaked to the internet) has the nascent speedster squaring up against a weather wizard. While the pilot negates the possibility of the character returning, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see a more definitive version later down the road. There is also the none to subtle Easter Egg, referring to one of Flash’s toughest foes, Grodd. Although, the gorilla was never considered a Rogue. There is also the yellow man, who killed Barry’s mother 11 years ago, comic fans know is Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash. Zoom’s real name is Eobard Thawne, and is from the 25th century. A name that will sound familiar to a regular in the new series.


Flash Rogue – Girder (art by Scott Kolins)

Since the show went into production more Rogues have been announced in the casting process.  Today we found out that Girder, the man/monster made of metal and Multiplex will be appearing on the FlashGirder is a newer rogue, who first appeared in the comics a few years ago, going up against the Wally West version of the Flash before the New 52 relaunch.  Another foe Barry will be going up against is Multiplex, a man who can create duplicates of himself.  Not known for a being a Flash villain, Multiplex is mostly associated with Firestorm.  (It should be noted that Robbie Amell will be playing Ronnie Raymond,who is part of the Firestorm Matrix.  Neither role has been cast yet.  They will be joining already cast villains Plastique (Kelly Frye) and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller).  Plastique and Multiplex both also have ties with the Suicide Squad, who appeared last season on Arrow.




If the Flash has an arch-enemy it would be Leonard “Captain Cold” Snart.  Cold will be appearing in the fourth episode Going RogueThe first images of him in costume, filming, recently showed up on the “Just Jared, and YVR Shoots. Including a shot of him, with his stunt double, practicing with his Cold Gun (It is NOT a Freeze Ray!)

So which Rogue are you hoping to see?






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