Win a Trip to the Gotham Premiere Party


Gotham is coming to Fox TV this fall.   Now you have a chance to go to Gotham.  Well the premiere of Gotham, that is.  DC Comics and Fox announced a contest for two lucky (and talented) fans to attend the premiere party in New York City.

To celebrate the September premiere of Gotham, the new show focusing on the years between the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents and the emergence of Batman, FOX is hosting a pair of contests that will send two lucky winners on an all-expense trip to New York to attend the Gotham premiere party.




Think you can assemble an amazing Gotham poster? If you can, you may want to enter the Gotham Poster Contest. FOX has released a batch of photos and image assets which you can use to put together an intriguing one-sheet similar to the ones you’ve been seeing in the pages of your favorite magazines and comics.


But if you are more of moving image kind of artist, don’t worry, there’s a contest for you too.   The Gotham Trailer Contest calls on fans and aspiring filmmakers to recreate the below trailer using live action, still images, animation or anything else you can imagine.


Cast yourself as Jim Gordon, Fish Mooney or Oswald Cobblepot. Build Gotham City out of clay or blocks. Have fun with it and be creative. FOX will edit together the best submitted scenes and moments into a special fan trailer and send the folks behind the selected scenes Gotham prize packs. Those people will also be in the running for the Premiere Party Grand Prize.


Click here for further details and rules. Both contests end on August 20, 2014, so you’ll need to act quickly. But don’t miss out. We’re talking about the premiere party for a new Batman-themed show during Batman’s 75th anniversary year! You may not meet Bruce Wayne or wind up in the newspaper, but it’s still going to be the party of a lifetime.


So if you are an aspiring graphic artist, or director, or you just like making fan videos, here’s a chance to show off your skills, and maybe win a trip, and meet the stars of Gotham!



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