The Ultimate Boba Fett Action Figure


You’re a Gen-X’er, successful, hard-working, but not happy.  You’re longing for the comfort of your childhood.   But your parents sold all your toys when you went off to college, in a garage sale.   All your actions figures, your mom sold for a quarter each.  Even your favorite, Boba Fett.

The Original Boba Fett, MOC

So Pretty!


30 years later, and the pain has only grown, and there is a hole in your life that only gotten bigger over time.  In fact if you could measure it, it is probably 300 times bigger than when it started.  It’s a whole no toy could ever fill.  Until now, that is.

Gentle Giant has announced the latest in there life-sized retro Star Wars figures, Boba Fett, is now available for pre order. That’s right.  Life. Sized.  6 feet of cold lifeless plastic, articulated in 5 places.  Complete with blaster rifle accessory and non firing backpack rocket.  All this can be yours for the low, low price of $2,750.

Here’s who Gentle Giant describes it:

Life Size Boba Fett BOBA FETT
Life Size Vintage Monument
Pre-Order – Q3 2015 Release
FREE SHIPPING TO LOWER 48 STATES. Shipping charges will be quoted for ALASKA, HAWAII and ALL INTERNATIONAL orders. Please contact customer service for additional information.
Gentle Giant is proud to bring you the latest addition to their line of popular life-sized monuments with the Kenner-inspired Boba Fett Life-Size Vintage Monument! Digitally scanned from an authentic mint-condition 3 ¾” action figure and reproduced to a staggering SIX FOOT SCALE, this fully articulated monument also includes an authentic re-scaled replica blaster accessory! A stunning centerpiece for any true collector’s display.

This is the third in Gentle Giant’s line of vintage monuments, which also include a Stormtrooper (available now) and Darth Vader (available in the first quarter of 2015).  Both of which are also 6 feet tall.

So, if you have 28 hundred bucks laying around, you can pre order you’re own Mandalorian Clone Bounty Hunter.  Just make sure you have the space for it.

It is available for Pre-Order at Gentle Giant’s website


Life Sized Boba Fett

What do you think? Would this look better in the Living Room or the Bedroom?


Source: io9, Gentle Giant

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