The Tick Returning to Our Screens? SPOOOON!


The big blue protector of the City, the Tick,  coming back to screen near you? I might happen, thanks to the folks over at Amazon.  But that’s not all, Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, Rules of Engagement), who played the character for its criminally too short a run on Fox back in 2001, is reportedly going to don the blue suit of justice once again!

The superhero spoof began as a mascot for the New England Comic shops’ newsletter, before making the jump to indie cult comic in 1988, then to Saturday morning cartoon (with the coolest theme song) in the mid 90’s, and finally to the aforementioned live action series in 2001. Since then the character has maintained a presence, with the animated series airing on Disney from time to time since 2005.  The live action series became available to stream on Netflix earlier this year

The rumor of a new show first cropped up late last week, (on People Magazine‘s website of all places) with word that the former M&M spokesperson would be returning to the role. Soon after, Tick creator and writer Ben Edlund confirmed the news that a new show may be coming, via twitter.


At this time it’s not known if a new Tick series is in the cards, or if it’s just a pilot order, a series of shorts, or maybe even a feature.  Nor has any other characters, either from the comic, cartoon, or prime time series been mentioned as possible characters for the project.  (We’re sorta hoping for Dinosaur Neil)



Keep checking, fair citizens, back here for more information about the Mighty Big Blue Bug of Justice’s return.
Source: the Nerdist, People

Here’s my favorite episode of the animated series… Yeah Baby!

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