Will Supergirl Fly to TV?

It looks like another DC comic character may turn up on the small screen soon.

Deadline reports that Supergirl will be  the next comicbook adaptedby Arrow and Flash producer Greg Berlanti. If the show makes it to the air, The Maid of Might will be the highest profile female superhero character to headline a TV show or a movie.  Berlanti  is working with Ali Adler, to develop the show.  Adler is no stranger to genre TV.  She was a writer and producer of Berlanti’s No Ordinary Family, as well as on shows like (Geekville favorite) Chuck.

Supergirl, as she currently appears in DC Comics' New 52 Universe

Supergirl, as she currently appears in DC Comics’ New 52 Universe

Berlanti tapped Adler  to write the script and executive produce the pilot for his production company and Warner Brothers TV. He and Sarah Schechter (The Royal Tenebaums) will also produce. DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns will also reportedly be involved in some yet unknown capacity.

The show will not be airing on the CWTV, with Berlanti’s other DC based series.  The network has reportedly passed on the series, so they will be shopping it out the other major networks, like WB did with Gotham which première on Fox in a couple of weeks.

Lots of questions spring to mind when I heard about this show.  Despite being produced by Greg Berlanti, since the show will not air on the CW, it probably won’t be part of the growing Arrowverse.  So will this Supergirl be the cousin of an unseen, but often mentioned Superman (like they did with 1984’s Supergirl movie?) Or will they create a world that doesn’t have a Kal-El, but does have Kara?  Will she even be Kryptonian?  Or will they create a whole new character?   We’ll have to wait and see.

Even with Black Widow prominently featured in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and the upcoming Agent Carter TV series, if/when Supergirl reaches the airwaves, she’ll instantly become the most recognizable female comic character in the mainstream media since Lynda Carter last wore her satin tights back in 1979.  This show is bound to be closely scrutinized by both the industry and fans alike every step of the way.   Any sign that this show is going the way of David E. Kelley’s recent Wonder Woman, and you can be sure that the fans will voice their displeasure.

I am optimistic though,  Berlanti is not Kelley, and he and Adler have proven themselves quite capable at producing quality material, and look forward to giving you more news as it comes my way.

Source: Deadline

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